How To Do Stability Ball Ab Rollout

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris freytag demonstrating an ab roll out on a stability ball wearing black yoga pants and a blue top
Stability Ball Ab Rollout is an exercise that strengthens the core, shoulders and upper back muscles by using a stability ball. This move is a version of a plank, except that instead of putting your arms or hands on the floor you use the ball. This adds the element of instability which means more muscles are engaged overall. It also adds some movement which increases the intensity even more. Planks are known as one of the best all around exercises you can do for your core strength. If you learn how to do Stability Ball Ab Rollout you will definitely feel your core at work!

When it comes to having flat abs or a strong core, there are many abdominal exercises available to try. This Stability Ball Ab Rollout is great because it can be done by almost anyone, and yet it is extremely functional and effective.

The stability ball is an awesome tool to have for your exercise routine. When you choose a ball you will want the circumference to match your body size. The taller and heavier you are, the bigger the ball. Generally speaking the rule of thumb is that those 5’4” and under use the smaller balls and those taller choose the larger balls. (Given the choice of two). But test it out first. For the Stability Ball Ab Rollout if you go with a ball that is too big, you won’t feel as much intensity. Err on the side of a smaller ball for this move if you are unsure.

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Here are the steps to performing Stability Ball Ab Rollout:

1) Begin in a high kneeling position with ball in front of you.

2) Clasp hands together and place on top of the ball.

3) Keeping back long and abdominals tight, press hands into the ball and roll it out in front of you until forearms are on the ball and your body is at a 45 degree angle.

4) Use your forearms to pull back slowly and return to start position.

Targets: shoulders, back, core

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