How To Do Stability Ball Forearm Plank

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag performing a forearm plank on a medicine ball wearing black yoga pants

Stability Ball Forearm Plank is a challenging and effective core body exercise that forces you to pull you abdominals in, tighten your glutes and squeeze your legs to hold your body in a straight line. This is an advanced move that will challenge you far beyond crunches or ab curls. If you learn how to do Stability Ball Forearm Plank, you will learn to use the deep transvere abdominus. This muscle keeps your back strong, your tummy flat and your posture tall. No wonder plank moves are so effective! But if you thought they were effective before, wait until you try them on the ball!

The stability ball is an excellent tool for many things, but primarily for strengthening and stabilizing the core muscles. By performing moves like a plank on top of the ball instead of on the floor you are forced to work on an unstable surface. In order to keep your balance you need to pull in more muscles and muscle fibers. The ball keeps your body “guessing” at what will happen next making for effective and challenging moves.

The Stability Ball Forearm Plank is one of the great moves in our “Use The Ball, Lose the Belly Core Workout. Also, check out our full body workout Stability Ball Total Body Toner.

Here are the steps to performing Stability Ball Forearm Plank:

1) Begin kneeling with stability ball in front of you and forearms on top of ball.

2) Tighten core and lift knees up until you are in a straight line plank. Keep your shoulder blades pulled down.

3 )Hold plank, squeezing glutes, thighs and core and breathing continuously.

Targets: core, shoulders, back

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