How To Do Stability Ball Prone Hip Extension

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Stability Ball Prone Hip Extension is an exercise that strengthens the glutes and low back muscles while also working on upper body strength and stability. This move is performed in a plank position with some of the body weight resting on the ball. By squeezing the glutes and core, you lift your lower body up, hold briefly, then lower back down.

When you learn how to do a Stability Ball Prone Hip Extension you may be a bit sore in your low back the next day. It is normal and likely because you are like most other people who don’t spend much time working the lower back muscles. We tend to spend most of our time on our “vanity” muscles like biceps or abs, but strengthening your low back is crucial for keeping you tall and preventing injury. This Stability Ball Prone Hip Extension is an excellent way to do that but be sure to keep your abs tight so you don’t over-exert or strain your low back.

The stability ball is an excellent tool for core training as well as legs and arms. Be sure to choose a ball according to your size. The taller and bigger you are, the bigger the ball should be. One tip when choosing a ball is to sit on top of the ball with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. In this position your knees should be at hip level. If the knees are above your hip bones the ball is too small.

Here are the steps to performing Stability Ball Prone Hip Extension:

1) Lay face down on the ball with legs extended behind you and hands on the floor in front of the ball shoulder width apart.

2) Squeeze your glutes tightly so that legs raise behind you. Hold for a moment and release gently back to where they started.

Targets: back, glutes

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