How To Do Walking Push-Up

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrates a Walking Push-Up

Walking Push-Up is a full body strength move that focuses on your arms and chest while also strengthening your core and giving you a cardio boost. If you learn how to do Walking Push-Up you are achieving an advanced upper body and core strength move. A traditional push-up is considered the best upper body move available. This Walking Push-Up takes the basic push-up to the next level and turns it into both core and cardio training as well. Make sure you are able to master the push-up before adding the walking motion.

Any kind of push-ups are hard but effective. There are so many to learn! Kneeling Push-Ups, Push-Up Punch, Balance Push-Ups, try a bunch of them. One thing we know about your body is that when you keep it guessing it produces more results than when you do the same thing over and over and over. Keep in mind that you want to do the more basic, simple moves and progress to the more challenging moves later on.  Once you have the ability to do at least 10 full push-ups, you should be able to start incorporating some walking push-ups into your routine. Be sure to rely on the strength of your core for this move. This will be the ticket to keeping your back long and your body from sagging.

Keep in mind that this move will get your heart rate up. By using your upper body to move you along the ground you are adding a great cardio challenge. Walking Push-Ups are difficult! Once you master a few of them you are going to be proud of your progress! And you should be! Try these once or twice a week and also check out our 28-Day Push-Up Challenge.

Here are the steps to performing Walking Push-Ups:

A) Start with hands on the mat a fists distance apart from each other, legs long, and on toes in a full plank position with your abdominals engaged.

B) Walk your right hand and foot out to the side and lower to a push up by bending your elbows to the sides and lowering your chest towards the mat then press up straightening your arms and bring the right and left foot back to your starting position.  Repeat on the other side.

Targets: chest, arms, shoulders, back, core


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