How To Do Warrior 3

Chloe Freytag demonstrating Warrior 3 in a blue tank top and blue yoga pants

Warrior 3 is a balance pose that strengthens the legs and core and promotes good spinal alignment and balance. Balance poses can be challenging in yoga, but Warrior 3 is one that most people can learn quickly and practice on a regular basis. If you want to strengthen your lower body while working on better balance, you should learn how to do Warrior 3.

The Warrior Poses are a staple in yoga. At first it seems odd to name yoga poses after fighters since yogi’s are seen as passive and peaceful. However, these poses are meant to acknowledge a “spiritual warrior” or one who is fighting against the evil inside ourselves. Think of it as you fight to maintain a position when it becomes uncomfortable or become a warrior when your leg starts to shake because the muscle is so tired. Warrior 3 is an excellent example of this. Once you get set in the pose and are holding yourself long and straight while balancing on one leg, let your inner-warrior come through by practicing a steady breath and fighting- in a gentle way- for stability and balance. Your legs will get stronger and your core will be more engaged.

Warrior 3 pose is a great pose to practice on its own, or in a series with the other Warrior poses. Moving from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 and then Warrior 3 is a common flow. If this pose works for you and you are looking for other ways to strengthen your lower body or open your hips, try our short, free workout video Warrior Yoga Workout.

Here are the steps to performing Warrior 3:

1) Engage abs and lengthen spine as you reach your arms toward the front of the room and begin lifting your left leg behind you.

2) Continue reaching arms forward and left leg back until your body is parallel to the floor and eyes are gazing at the front of your mat. Keep abs tight!

3) Relax neck and shoulder and breathe gently in and out. Hold 30 seconds and switch legs.

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