How To Do Yogi Toe Hold Front

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating yogi toe hold front in a blue tank top and yoga pants

Yogi Toe Hold Front is a balance pose that improves not only balance but stability and posture while stretching your hamstring and lower back. In addition, while you stand on one leg to balance you are improving the stability and strength in your ankle. If you are looking for a way to improve your balance and stretch tight leg muscles you should learn to do Yogi Toe Hold Front.

Balance is an important element of your fitness routine, especially as you age. The Mayo Clinic reports that balance training is important, especially with age, since a deterioration in balance can lead to falls and fractures. And yet, balance is crucial for everyone. It improves your workouts, protects you from injury and lessens the effects of every day slips and falls. Yogi Toe Hold Front is a basic enough balance pose that everyone can do it, and yet it can be made as more difficult through longer limbs, higher leg lifts or even by closing your eyes so that the advanced yogi is still challenged.

If you have tight hamstrings and are unable to make your leg extend far enough in this pose, you can use a strap, wrapped round the foot, to “lengthen your arm” so that the leg can extend farther for a truer pose.

If balance is new to you and you find yourself struggling and tipping over too much to effectively practice this pose, start by trying Yogi Toe Hold Front next to a wall. Use your hand against the wall to help you get the leg in place and then play with taking your hand off the wall and relying more on your core muscles to balance you. If you begin to tip over, catch your hand on the wall again.

Here are the steps for learning how to do Yogi Toe Hold Front:

1) Stand tall with feet together, lift right knee up in front of you and stand on left foot.

2) Engage abdominals and reach right index and middle fingers toward right big toe and grab hold. Place your left hand on your hip.

3) Slowly begin to extend right leg in front of your hip as far as you can according to your hamstring flexibility. Keep body tall and hips centered. Hold steady for 30 seconds and breathe. Switch sides.

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