Thanks For Joining The 10 Minutes for 10 Days Challenge!

Yay You!

Sometimes, getting to the gym and fitting in an hour-long workout can be really hard. Whether it’s your crazy work schedule, your kids, or the commute to the gym is just simply too far, we get it! It’s easy to blow off working out if you don’t have the time, and that’s why we created the 10 Minutes for 10 Days Challenge!

This challenge will show you that 10 minutes a day is not only totally possible, but can also be totally effective. We selected 10 10-minute workouts with our GHU TV trainers that will target your arms, legs, booty, abs, back & cardio fitness! A bonus of this challenge? If you’re not totally sure which type of workout is right for you, trying these 10 workouts will help you figure out which type of workout you truly enjoy. HIIT? Yoga? Pilates? Cardio? Bodyweight? For the small price of 10 minutes for 10 days, you’ll find out!

(This will help us personalize your experience so that you can get the best advice possible from us!)
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