Beginners Meditation | A Step-By-Step Guide

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // February 22, 2022

Need to finally find calm within the busyness of your over-scheduled life? I want to offer you some help in the form of guided meditation to transcend your mind and give presence to this moment.

Never meditated?  Give this beginner’s guide a glance and then sit back, relax, and try something new. You can make this year your year to put your health and happiness first.


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    What Is Meditation?d

    Despite what some people think, meditation is not tied to any specific religion. It’s simply a practice you can use to calm your mind and feel more at peace.

    Some people use the phrase “to meditate on something” to mean thinking or focusing on something. But the art of meditation itself is simply a means of quieting the mind to achieve a different state of consciousness. Through breathing and awareness, you rest the noisy chatter of your mind as you sit and detach yourself from your endless stream of thoughts.

    The power to dial down the chaos of life simply by being present is a gift. And this gift is not only for you but for everyone you come into contact with—your family, friends, co-workers, even the people driving on the road.

    When you are able to become the silent observer of your thoughts, you are able to act thoughtfully instead of simply reacting to life’s circumstances. You can choose how you want to handle a traffic jam or a stressful deadline as opposed to just getting caught up in it without realizing it.

    Not to mention, meditation has so many health benefits from helping you sleep better and reducing stress.

    Meditation, simply breathing, and BE-ing help us to go to a pleasant state where time and space seem to lose their boundaries. It doesn’t need to feel any particular way. In fact, there are tons of different types of meditation if you want to find one that fits you. But to start, let’s try something simple.

    Just bring your attention to the sensations of breathing in and out. And if a thought or distraction comes into your mind, let it pass and focus on your deep conscious breath.

    Let’s begin the guided meditation to calm all of your senses and drop into your body.

    [adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”wlBkyzWF” upload-date=”2022-02-24T04:40:20.000Z” name=”15 Minute Meditation ” description=”15 Minute Guided Meditation: Step By Step Guide ” player-type=”static”]

    Labyrinth Visualization Meditation

    A Labyrinth is a wonderful visualization that helps us to find our truth, which easily gets lost in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This ‘mind journey’ through a maze represents moving through the challenges of life and it offers us help to ground down and tap into what really matters.

    Step 1:

    Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Begin to listen to your breathing. Is your breath rough and jagged or is it smooth, soft, and kind? Feel your breath flowing. Centering you. Come into this moment. Not the past, not the future but the here and now.

    Step 2:

    Take three deep, conscious active breaths in and out through your nostrils. This sends the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin through your body. Notice yourself relaxing as you listen. For each breath, inhale for six counts and exhale for six counts. Try to do this breath three times in a row. Feel the movement of the breath deep down within, on a cellular level.

    Step 3:

    As you continue this breath, visualize yourself walking slowly through your Labyrinth. Step by step make your way through the maze. The labyrinth could be made of sand and rocks, tall luscious trees, flowers in a garden, or even candy canes! But wherever and whatever your labyrinth is make it your own personal, sacred space – the space that is inside all of us, in your heart where your truth resides.

    Step 4:

    As you make each turn in your labyrinth, imagine that you are literally shedding your worldly attachments. One by one, thought by thought, they roll off your body. Just let it all go! Around the next bend, you reach the center of your maze and you truly feel the sensation of being purified and renewed.

    With a calm, open heart and a calm open mind, listen to your breath and embrace the stillness, the spaciousness of this area you have created. Sit down and stay awhile, right here with your breath, your balance.

    Step 5:

    Stay silent for at least one minute and…

    Feel the ground supportive and holding you.

    Notice sensations of the space between your clothes and your skin.

    Feel your chest rise and fall with your breath.

    Enjoy your shoulders relaxing as you allow the weight of the world to roll off them.

    Explore the space between your ears as your mind is peaceful.

    Tongue and teeth soften as the words have finally left your body.

    Eyebrows relax as the expression on your face softens.

    Sense the mind-fullness in your heart.

    Experience the positive and powerful feeling of you.

    Step 6:

    Begin to get ready to retrace your steps to rejoin the world. Visualize yourself walking back out of your labyrinth. As you slowly exit the maze every cell of your body is peaceful and pure awareness is coursing through your veins.

    Step 7:

    Start to wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes and as you return to the room you are sitting in. Keep your eyes closed and place your hands in front of your chest. Rub palms together vigorously creating some heat. Now, place the warm hands over your eyes. As you begin to open your eyes and release your hands to your lap, feel the wonder of this present moment.

    Remember that you can come to this compassionate, centered, mindful space at any time just by breathing and BE-ing. Within your heart, you carry a portable paradise. That is such a gift!

    Do you feel recharged? Refreshed? Centered? Are you ready to go on with your day? I thought so! Remember that you don’t need to lose these feelings now that you are done meditating. You can share your newfound balance, cultivate calm, and be present with everyone you come into contact with.

    Share your positive radiant vibes! Namaste.

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