TikTok Is Obsessed With the Cozy Cardio Trend: What Is It?

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // August 21, 2023

The latest fitness trend on TikTok is cozy cardio, and I’m a fan.

I’ve always said the best form of cardio is the one you enjoy because you’ll be consistent.  The “cozy cardio” trend on TikTok, created by Hope Zuckerbrow, is a more laid-back approach to movement, prioritizing exercise that doesn’t leave you feeling beat up.  

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week, and this new fitness trend is a great way to make it happen! Cozy cardio is choosing a form of movement that you actually enjoy and look forward to. It’s about changing your vocabulary from “exercise” to “movement.”

You don’t have to push yourself so hard just get in that comfortable and euphoric cardio heart rate zone and have fun. 


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    What Is Cozy Cardio?

    The cozy cardio concept is an easy new fitness trend. It’s as much about the “vibe” as it is about the cardio. It’s about creating a relaxing and soothing environment and being more low-key about exercise. Don’t psyche yourself out into thinking that the only way to lose weight or get into shape is by doing grueling hard workouts!

    Instead, change your mindset.  Start by creating a stress-free atmosphere. Turn on soft lighting. Light some candles. Wear comfy clothes like a t-shirt, your pajamas, cozy sock or just go barefoot. Then pick a form of movement in the comfort of your living room that feels good. And do it. 

    Zuckerbrow says she started the trend because she needed a more relaxed approach to exercise to get motivated. She describes her morning routine as getting some water, iced coffee, and putting on comfy socks. Then she warms up by walking at a comfortable pace on her walking pad while watching her favorite shows.  

    She said she walked at different speeds while keeping it comfortable. She does this low-intensity workout as a 40-minute session and then cools down. 

    Cozy Cardio is All About Consistency

    Zuckerbrow lost 100 lbs, which proves it works! The secret to her weight loss success was being consistent and doing something enjoyable. Yes, the keyword is consistency! Being consistently good on a daily basis is better than being occasionally great. She didn’t struggle through grueling workout sessions but rather took a more stress-free and consistent approach.

    And if you think this sounds too easy, check out the over 2 million views the hashtag #cozycardio has received on TikTok. Hope has lots of viral videos people are embracing. She has inspired countless women to a whole new way of thinking.

    Since the average American doesn’t do any cardio exercise, I am a fan of this fitness routine, and it’s a really great way to get a lot of people to consider getting started. 

    The point of cozy cardio is for people to get their heart pumping in the comfort of their home with elements that give you warm, fuzzy feels. It’s about improving your cardiovascular health over time and burning calories while still feeling good.

    And if you don’t already know, cardiovascular exercise has plenty of benefits, like better heart health, increased daily calorie burn, better mental health, and improved energy levels. 

    My Cozy Cardio Is Walking 

    I’ve been preaching consistent moderate exercise for a long time. My personal cozy cardio is definitely walking. I walk indoor part of the year (cue my favorite Netflix series), but when I can, I like to get outside for fresh air.

    I love to walk outside with my dog, with friends, or with a good podcast. I actually look forward to it daily. My heart rate is moderate, it doesn’t feel hard, but it’s totally worth it.  

    I used to be a runner, but the pounding just got too hard on my body. So I am now proud to call myself a walker, and again, the biggest success for me is that I am super consistent with my cardio workout because it’s doable every day. 

    What are some other ways to do Cozy Cardio? 

    If walking isn’t your thing, try some gentle yoga or low-impact dance. There is a movement of middle aged women on TikTok showing their creative and fun workouts if you need extra inspiration! Ignore the trolls, you’ll be having way more fun than them.

    Struggling to find time? Incorporate daily movement into your workday with one of these amazing walking pads. The atmosphere and vibe are up to you. Make your space comfortable! It’s about avoiding a crowded gym and picking a low-impact exercise method that feels good in your own home.

    Need help getting started? At Get Healthy U TV, my online streaming app for workouts, we have so many great options for you to try some cozy cardio:

    • Indoor walking workouts: Easy on the joints and using only a little space, these walking workouts have become favorites for many of our members. They are a part of their daily routines. 
    • Gentle yoga flow workouts: Yoga is a great option for getting your heart pumping early in the morning since it’s both exercise and mental clarity, which is great to start the day. 
    • Low-impact strength workouts: Fun and doable no-jumping workout routines that involve both strength training and cardio.
    • Fun and doable dance workouts: This type of exercise will make you smile while shaking your booty. 

    Click here to join for just $20. Enter the coupon code CHRISGOLD20 at check out and become a gold member for just $20 for the first full year.  

    Helpful Products For Your Cozy Cardio 

    You can fully embrace cozy cardio with the following gear:

    • Comfortable fuzzy socks: One of the cozy cardio trademarks is a good pair of comfy socks. 
    • Walking pad: This is a great low-impact exercise method that is easy to move around your home. It’s a space saver and gives you easier access anywhere in the home. 
    • Candles: A lavender candle can set the mood and relax you. 
    • Yoga mat: It’s a good idea to have a mat on your floor to protect your body and your floor. 
    • Comfortable sweat pants: Feeling comfortable is the hallmark of cozy cardio.


    Do I need strength training?

    Yes, I suggest doing strength training, especially as we age. But starting with cardio is a great way to get moving. Work your way up to adding in some traditional workouts that involve both strength and cardio together, and yes, you can keep it low impact. 

    How much cardio do I need?

    The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. Remember, even small amounts of physical activity are beneficial! Being active for short periods of time during the day can add up. Aim for around 30 minutes each day.

    What are the health benefits of walking?

    Walking is a great way to improve your health! It’s low-impact, burns calories, is easier on your joints, can be done anywhere, and is great for all ages. It also reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke, lowers cholesterol, improves circulation, and helps alleviate depression and fatigue.

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