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By: // June 5, 2018

Summer means it’s time to say sayonara to the gym and take your workouts to the great outdoors! But before you head out, you need to know what to wear to keep cool. We’ve rounded up the most protective, comfortable, and stylish gear from sweat-wicking tops and shorts to towels that cool you down and lip balms that provide plenty of SPF coverage. We’ve got everything you need to avoid sunburns, overheating, or other situations that take away from you getting your workout on under the sun.

SPF Sun Protective Clothing

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!Sunscreen is a must, but your workout apparel can provide an extra level of protection. This Pacifica UPF Tee is SPF 50+ and amazing for when you are working out when you are out in the sun. The sun-protective fabric is performance-fitted, super sleek, and even fights odors (yes please!) for hard workouts in hot weather. PS: Athleta makes an entire line of SPF workout wear!

Haute Hat

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face with the Nike Women’s Featherlight 2.0 Hat. This will be your go-to accessory; it’s lightweight, breathable, and perfect for swinging your ponytail through and hitting the trail. The Dri-FIT fabric is designed to keep the sweat away, too, allowing you to go for miles and miles.


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All-Natural Sunscreen

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!Good, healthy sunscreen is difficult to find and so many are harsh on the skin. This all-natural sunscreen from Coola is unbelievable! It’s eco-friendly and made with all certified organic ingredients. It has no sulfates, phthalates, or parabens (aka all the confusing, long words you do not want on your body)! Spritz it on before your outdoor workout and you’ll be completely protected.

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Active Swimsuit 

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!Those itsy bitsy bikinis may be cute, but they’re definitely not practical for the summer athlete. For paddleboarding, surfing, and swimming, a comfortable swimsuit you can actually move in is a must. Athleta has an awesome selection that are designed for the active woman; made of ultra-resilient, breathable, stretch fabric, their swimsuits are not only fashionable but also functional.

Blister-Free Socks answer for saving your feet during an sweaty outdoor workout? Behold, Balega Enduro Socks. You’ll feel like you are walking on cushiony, clouds. They have breathable ventilation and moisture-wicking features to help with sweat, and comfortable, fitted cushion to prevent blisters. Plus, they won’t slip around in your shoe; these babies stay put!

SPF Chapstick

When we think sunblock, it’s easy to forget about our lips! SPF chapstick is a summer workout essential though, for protection from uncomfortable sunburn and to keep our lips looking young and feeling hydrated. . Our fave is Supergoop! Lip Balm, a three-in-one balm that hydrates, protects, and repairs. The formulation is also free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, or sulfate. A big thumbs up! While high SPF lip balms can look pasty, this one has a nice pink hue, a lip-smacking flavor, and a silky-smooth texture.

High-Tech Water Bottle

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!A trusty water bottle is essential for the running around that a busy summer brings. We love the Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle. With a leakproof lid and a one-handed push button operation, a swig from this bottle won’t disrupt your workout. Even better? You can connect it wirelessly to your phone to monitor your hydration progress and set goals for yourself throughout the day!

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No-Slip Sunglasses

No squinting into the sun on your long distance runs! Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized, glare-proactive, lightweight, and perfect for a no-slip fit. They’re a bit pricy, but they truly last forever—the brand boasts an amazing return policy whereby you can send them in for free repairs at no cost whenever necessary

Cooling Towel

Stay safe and keep cool this summer! Here's the best gear and clothing for your outdoor workouts!One of the best ways to cool yourself down during or after a long workout is to place a cold towel on your neck or temple. These locations are great for cooling down your body because the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin. The Perfect Fitness Perfect Cooling Towel is so simple to use; you wet the towel with cold water and wring it out. The towel remains cool for hours but retains water so it stays dry to the touch. Perfect for cooling down your body temperature so you can workout without overheating in the summer sun.

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