Workout Because You Love Your Body, Not Because You Hate It

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By: // December 22, 2014

I hate my arms; they are too big.

I hate how curvy my body is.

I hate my big thighs.

These are just a few of the many things I hear friends, family and our #workitout100 Warriors say about themselves. I am guilty of disliking things about my body as well. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others, when we should be focusing on what we love about ourselves. You can focus on how to better yourself and your health and love your body in the process!

It’s time we change the way we view our bodies, stop comparing ourselves to others, and embrace what we were given. I know this is easier said than done, believe me. Here are three things we try and practice regularly. Maybe they can help you too.

1. Change the way you view your body.

For starters, lose the negativity. Changing your attitude from negative to positive will make a drastic change on your self image. If you have negative thoughts about yourself while looking in the mirror or if you speak negatively about your body to friends, begin by slowly changing a negative comment to a positive one. You will be amazed by the changes you see in the way you view yourself and also how others view you. We all have flaws, that’s what makes us unique. Try not to dwell on those, they don’t define you. Be proud of who you are.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Whenever I find myself comparing myself to other people, I try to snap out of it by telling myself: you were created to be an individual and no two people are the same. This gentle reminder helps me get perspective. Also, so often we compare ourselves to people in the magazines, and those images are edited, photo shopped and certain features are enhanced to make the person appear better on paper than they do in real life. There isn’t a Photoshop option in real life, so it’s not realistic to compare yourself to these unrealistic images.

3. Embrace what you are given.

A great way to embrace what you’re given is to dress to fit YOUR body type. There are blogs and websites galore that can help you identify the best way to dress for your body. If you are dressed in an outfit that’s flattering on your figure, you will feel more comfortable and you will begin to carry yourself differently. You will walk and stand more confidently in your shoes and people see that. Confidence is a beautiful thing.

For the longest time I was working out because I hated certain things about my body and I wanted to change them. A few months ago, I realized that I should be working out because I love my body. Making sure I get up and move every day and nourish my body properly is something I started enjoying even more, when I did it for the right reasons. Not long after I changed my mind set from positive to negative, my whole self-image changed, and my motivation grew because I was bettering myself, in a positive way. The thing is, when you’re working out you feel better about yourself. You have more confidence, energy and a more positive daily outlook on life. Changing one simple word; love instead of hate, forever changed my perspective on my body and how I view myself.

What people don’t seem to realize is that we often want what we don’t have. While one person is hating their curvy body, someone else is wishing they had more curves. If we simply embrace what we have, and view other people’s body image positively as well, it would be a huge step in the right direction–toward diminishing negative body image.

I challenge you to make a list of all the things you LOVE about your body. Start focusing on the things you love and I can assure you that the way you view your body will change for the better. Make it a point every day to wake up and be thankful for YOU and the body you have been given.

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on February 7, 2016 at 7:35 AM Reply

I loved the article! I struggle with not liking my body and definitely always comparing myself to others. I use to say that I want to get healthy for my husband, so he can have a prettier wife. When in return my husband tells me how beautiful I am and that he is my number 1 fan! I had to start saying that I want to get healthier for ME and I'm trying! Thank you for the wonderful article, I know it reached out to a lot of people!!

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