12 Things Every Adult Should Know How to Make (NOT Buy!)

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By: // January 16, 2017

There are some things that we ought to leave to the professionals, but there are lots of foods all adults should know how to make. No, they aren’t complicated recipes with confusing instructions, we’re talking some of the basics! Here are 12 things that we think all adults, especially those who are trying to eat clean, should know how to make, not buy. Whether it’s because a store-bought version is full of added sugars and calories, or because it’s just so darn easy to make yourself, each of these should be something you’re capable of making on your own. We have recipes or instructional videos for all of the below, so don’t  worry if you’re unsure how to make these 12 items;

1. Hard Boiled Eggs 

All adults should know how to make hard-boiled eggs! In this article, we talk about 12 foods that all adults should be able to make, not buy!

Hard boiled eggs are such an easy, nutritious snack that every adult should definitely know how to make.  Eggs have 7 grams of protein, only have 75 calories and are loaded with iron, vitamins and carotenoids. They’ll keep you full for a long time, and are a protein-packed portable snack! In this article, we show you how to hard boil eggs in just 6 easy steps!

2. Hummus

Hummus is a delicious, healthy snack dip that everybody loves! Did you know it's also super easy to make yourself? This article will show you how!

Hummus is one of our absolute favorites here at Get Healthy U. It’s such a delicious dip for veggies (or pretty much anything you can find) and is a snack that just about everybody likes. It’s a healthy alternative to other popular dips, but is just as tasty (if not more!). With just 185 calories per serving, this hummus recipe boasts 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, too. This recipe is super simple–just gather your ingredients, add them all into a mini food processor, and go!

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3. Guacamole

Did you know that making guacamole is a healthy, inexpensive way to enjoy this delicious, healthy snack all the time? Check out this article about the 12 foods all adults should know how to make rather than buy!

Just like everybody else, we love avocados. Turning them into a snack food? Of course we’re on board! This guacamole recipe is our absolute favorite because it’s simple, delicious and totally healthy! Whether you dip tortilla chips and vegetables in it as an afternoon snack, put it on chicken, add it to pasta, or whatever other delicious use you’ve come up with for guacamole, you’ll LOVE this recipe. Click here to watch our instructional video on how to make your own homemade guac.

4. BBQ Sauce 

Check out this article outlining the 12 foods that all adults should know how to make rather than buy! BBQ sauce is one of our favorite condiments, and making it yourself allows it to be a healthy addition to a delicious meal!

Barbecue sauce is a standard condiment to have around, but did you know that the average store-bought barbecue sauce has about 19 grams of sugar per serving? When we found that out, we decided to make our own! This recipe is a reduced-sugar version that is just as sweet and tangy as your favorite brands! Our recipe has just 18 calories per serving, half the sugar of traditional store-bought barbecue sauces and only 7 ingredients; it’s super tasty AND super easy! Win-win!

5. Salad Dressing

A salad without dressing? Come on, no way! But so many salad dressings are loaded with calories and added sugars that they can turn your otherwise healthy meal into a total indulgence. This recipe for light Italian dressing is the perfect alternative. And unlike other “light” salad dressings, this one isn’t loaded with any chemicals and artificial ingredients! It’s totally natural and totally tasty.

6. Granola

Check out this article about the 12 foods we think all adults should be able to make, not buy! Save money and eat healthier by cooking your OWN food! This granola is healthy and delicious, and saves you tons of money!

Granola is the perfect element to a healthy breakfast. But so many store-bought granolas are full of sugar, calories and fat. This delicious honey almond granola is protein-packed, full of fiber, and includes super-nutritious ingredients like flax, chia and almonds! We love this recipe because you can totally make it your own by adding your favorites nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. Definitely add this into your healthy breakfast routine.

7. Sweet Potato Fries

These healthy sweet potato fries are a MUST when it comes to making your own food! These are healthy, delicious and everybody loves them!

Everybody loves fries. But, the ones we buy are usually deep fried in oil making them  full of fat and calories. A delicious, indulgent alternative to your typical french fries are these sweet potato fries! Sweet potato fries are not only delicious and a crowd favorite, but they’re full of protein and beta-carotene, which helps protect your eyes, heart and other organs! They’re rich in fiber and are naturally sweet. This recipe is GHU created & approved–try it out at your next family dinner!

8. Nut Butter

Check out this how-to on making your own nut butters! Nut butter is so healthy when it's made right, but some storebought brands are full of sugar and other preservatives. Ick! Make it yourself!

Nut butters are such a great thing to always have on hand. Whether you add it to your protein shake in the morning, spread it on your toast, use  it to dip your  apples in or make a sandwich with, it’s a totally multi-purpose and delicious ingredient. BUT, so many store-bought nut butters are full of unnecessary sugars, calories, and preservatives. Why bother with all of that when you can so easily make it at home? Check out this recipe for homemade cashew butter, and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make yourself!

9. Pesto

Check out this recipe for homemade pesto! It's one of our top 12 food items that we think all adults should be able to make at home instead of opting for a store-bought brand!

Why buy pesto at the grocery store when you can make a delicious version of it yourself? Pesto is one of our all-time favorite sauces: we put it on salad, chicken and pasta! A lot of store-bought pestos are full of calories and artificial flavors, but this healthy recipe for a lightened-up pesto cuts back on the calories, is full of fresh ingredients and doesn’t sacrifice ANY of the taste! This recipe shows you the 7 simple ingredients you’ll need (some of which you probably already have!) and the quick and easy process that will yield delicious, fresh, homemade pesto.

10. Salsa

Check out this healthy homemade salsa! We think every adult should know how to make their own salsa! It's cheaper AND healthier to make it yourself!

Salsa is the ultimate dip that wins in both nutrition content and tastiness. This GHU black bean and corn salsa recipe is guilt-free yet just as delicious as any salsa you’ve ever had (we think even tastier!). It’s full of fresh vegetables, fiber, and protein. It’s perfect with chips, in a taco salad, or on top of your favorite chicken or fish! You truly can’t go wrong. This video walks you through the easy steps it takes to make this homemade salsa, and you won’t believe how fast it comes together!

11. Tortilla Chips

Check out these delicious homemade tortilla chips! Every adult should know how to make these delicious chips. They're healthier than your standard store-bought brand, and we think you'll never turn back after you give these a try!

Need some chips to go with that salsa, but don’t want them full of preservatives or doused in salt? Well, we have an easy solution: make your own! Tortilla chips are SO easy to make, and are a healthier (and less expensive!) alternative to store-bought tortilla chips. This recipe gives you some delicious, fresh tortilla chips at only 100 calories per serving. With just a few ingredients and a super easy preparation process, you’ll have your chips in just 10 minutes!

12. Marinara Sauce 

Check out this healthy homemade marinara sauce! It's healthier and more delicious than any store bought brand you can find!

Store bought marinara sauce is super convenient, we know! But did you know that a lot of those store-bought brands claim to be healthy but are hiding enough fat, sugar, and and sodium to make them pretty unhealthy? Making your own marinara sauce is easy and you can rest assured that you’ll be using only whole ingredients and your sauce will be both tasty AND healthy! Check out this recipe and you’ll agree: making your own is totally worth it!

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I've been a "healthy" for years & years but have had my ups & downs, like most of us. I have never seen these nutritious "go-to's" so SIMPLY and USEFULLY laid out (and, I've been looking!). Very cool! Thank-you, thank-you! This is why I am signing up for Get Healthy U...AGAIN. It is why I signed up in the first place, almost 1-year ago. Simple, "get 'r done", no nonsense, focused, overall health. I like the whole, approachable, format LOTS! I see you've added to your "teach-point" menu assortment for members. Yes! I am even more excited...also grateful! I am a very young 60-something (usually guessed at under 50; no, not kidding), holding the same weight and dress size I was in my early 20's. Proud of it. Not easy! Takes work...and mindfulness! I'm also retired military who is use to weight standards and PT (=never easy...ever!). I will be active this next life-season: teaching swimming (little ones...3-7Yrs-exhausting but uber fun = lifesaving skill and swimming enjoyment always), kayaking, boarding, weight training, yoga, hiking, biking,...name it! Loving life to its fullest! Get Healthy U, you rock! Bring it on!

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