5 Ways To Feel Sexy Again

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By: // January 27, 2014

Sexy can be a struggle. A day filled with changing dirty diapers, vacuuming crushed cheerios from the backseat of the car, and falling asleep to SpongeBob with little ones in between you and your hubby can take the sexy right out of you. A bad break- up, a little holiday weight gain, or a long day at work can do the same! But here’s the deal—you haven’t lost your sexy; it’s just hiding. Today is the day to unleash your inner-goddess, and feel sexy again!

Here are five ways to bring the sexy back! Hint: none require buying lacy, overpriced lingerie.

1. Sexy is a State of Mind

Confidence is the ingredient to sexiness, not your dress size. Don’t believe me? Well, you should! Think about that person at a party or in your office who everyone wants to be around. I guarantee she isn’t wearing a sexy mini-skirt and sexy five-inch heels; a magnetic person has a confident, inviting, and positive attitude. When you beam positivity, you show that you’ve accepted yourself, and that’s an attractive quality to possess. Sexy is a state of mind, and a sexy attitude makes for a smoking hot you! Want proof? I polled my Facebook peeps last week to give me a one word description of beautiful.  Reoccurring words such at strong, confident, happy, kind, authentic, compassionate, brave appeared. NOBODY said anything about outside appearance, so there you go!

2. Stop Comparing Yourself And Start Loving Yourself

I know this is easier said than done, but don’t let your vision of what sexy is come from a Victoria’s Secret catalog or celebrities on the cover of magazines. Those body types are unattainable unless you have a professional photoshopper on staff (which those magazines do, FYI) and have access to a trainer and dietitian 24/7 (like every single celebrity does). Sexy is not limited to swimsuit models. Sexy is your uniqueness. Sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing you are beautiful. If you truly believe that, it will reflect on the outside! We have to stop comparing ourselves to others, stop with the self-deprecating attitude, and start loving our bodies.

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3. Get Sweaty

After a hard workout when my hair is everywhere, sweat stains are evident, and there’s no make-up in sight, that’s when I feel sexiest. Exercise is empowering. Exercise is energizing. Exercise is downright sexy. In 2009, a University of Florida study found that exercise boosts your body image even if the number on the scale doesn’t budge. When you do good for your body, you feel good about your body. Period. Feeling good correlates with added confidence! My new workout DVD, Get Your Body Back, will help get your sweat on and get that sexiness flowing.

4. Dress the way that makes YOU feel sexy!

Sexy isn’t sleazy. Sexy is wearing what makes you feel HOT! That could be your favorite skinny jeans, a little black dress, or your husband’s baggy sweatshirt. If you’re stuck in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable, your outward glow instantly dims, and that’s not sexy! Rock something you love—who cares if it’s not the latest trend—then strut your stuff, girl! Attitude is everything.

5. Treat Yourself To Me Time!

Whenever I get a mani/pedi, I instantly feel sexier. Nothing changed about my physical appearance other than a swipe of nail polish (my favorite color right now- OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques”), but for some reason, a little pampering can go a LONG way! Maybe your idea of pampering is a facial (mmm), a bikini wax (ouch), or a massage(ahh), but whatever you choose, don’t feel guilty indulging in me time. You deserve it! Get out of the house and do something that makes you feel pretty and helps you to de-stress. Or, at the very least, spend five minutes a day meditating, which is simple, free and soothing!  Try this amazing mindfulness app! My fav! Relaxation and positive spirits are necessities to feeling your sexiest!

Now do as Justin Timberlake does and bring your sexy back!

P.S. Love Your Body  this year!  #LoveYourBody Email me at help@gethealthyu.com  with a picture of yourself and/or something you love about your body! We will put your sexy-self up on my website!

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