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By: // August 1, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good planner?! Planners are a great way to track all of your appointments, to-do’s, birthdays and more! Plus, if you’re like us, even when you’ve used your planner for an entire year, we just can’t seem to quite throw it away. Just think of all of the memories and accomplishments you can look back at! Whether you prefer more of a calendar style, list style, or journal, the list below includes our favorite planners that can help organize and improve your life, color-coded tabs and all! 

Simple Daily Planners

This colorful planner is great because it’s full size and gives you ample space to plan out your week. When opened, the left page has the week laid out on horizontally so it’s easy to schedule. On the right page, there is space for notes or goals for the week. And you know what they say: if you want to accomplish a goal, write it down!

Black 2019-2020 planner

This sleek black leather planner is great for the professional! It’s on the smaller side so it fits great in any briefcase or tote. It’s perfect for organizing your workday (or any day!) because it breaks the day into times. There is a section for your to-do list and a note section on each page so you’re able to get a quick view of your day on each page.

This super cute planner will make you want to take it with you wherever you go! It includes monthly overviews, and week by week views making sure to keep you on track. It’s also set up with a personal mission statement prompt, yearly goal setting page and inspirational quotes which is perfect for the goal and intention setting folks out there!

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Planners To Add Positivity To Your Life

Good Days Start With Gratitude is a 52-week guide to lead you to be more grateful. It is a journal designed to focus on being thankful for what we have big or small. The journal is broken down by weeks and contains an inspirational quote, a space to write 3 things you are thankful for daily, and space to write about how you are growing. Use this guide to focus on the good in your life!

For those who prefer less of a calendar feel, this guided journal is for you! This journal is meant to help better yourself by placing more positivity in your life. You can take things day by day and begin to feel great about yourself and focus on all the good in your life!

Is work-life balance a struggle for you? Then this planner is going to be your saving grace. Designed specifically around work-life balance, this planner is set up with both a work to-do box as well as we personal to-do box. Plus, it includes a section on Mind, Body, Relationships, and Gratitude to keep a well-rounded focus. Having balance can eliminate stress and bring more positivity into your life.

Planners for Families

This whiteboard calendar is a great option for families to stay on top of all their events. Using this calendar helps your kids (& your partner) stay on top of their activities so you don’t have to be reminding everyone every day. The whiteboard allows for everything to be laid out so it’s easy to see and by using color-coded dry erase markers for different family members, your life is about to become a whole lot more organized!

Love cooking, meal planning, and eating? Then this grocery shopping and weekly meal planner is for you! Planning out your meals and your grocery list helps you save money because you only the buy the things you need. This can also help with eating healthier if you focus on creating well-rounded meals ahead of time. A great choice for busy families!

2020 planner for moms

Here’s looking at you, mom boss. This planner has centered around all the tasks that you may need to complete as a mother. It includes a goal sheet, a budget section, month and daily planning, and more. If the mom game has got you a bit overwhelmed and you’re looking to organize all areas of your life, this planner is the ticket!

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