Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products For Women Over 50

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // June 28, 2024

Discover my favorite anti-aging skin care products for women over 50, featuring clean ingredients that help improve wrinkles, fine lines and age spots for more radiant skin!

I have always been one to celebrate aging. I promote and stand for feeling good in your skin at any age. But, turning 50 was an eye-opener for me. So finding the best skin care for women over 50 has been a personal journey for me.

In my early 50’s my skin started to change more than in the previous decades. And suddenly what worked in my 30s and 40s wasn’t working anymore.

If you don’t know me, I’m 58 years old and I’ve worked in fitness for 35 years. I sweat every day and I love to walk outside in the sun.

I don’t wear makeup every day. In fact, I often forget. I do love to dress up and get made up but I mostly reserve that for weekends or going to an event. I’ve adapted an easy skincare routine to keep my skin feeling fresh and not feel like I must cover my face with makeup every day.  

People email and DM me every week asking about my skincare routine, so I want to share with you the products I use on a daily basis.

These are the best anti-aging skin care products that work for me. And, maybe I should phrase it differently, it’s not “anti-aging” it’s “graceful aging!”

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    Understanding Skin Changes Over 50

    As we age the production of collagen and elastin slows down, leading to less firmness and elasticity. In other words, our skin goes through some changes!

    Hormonal changes in our perimenopausal and menopausal years, particularly the decrease in estrogen, can result in drier, thinner skin.

    But don’t worry! With the right skincare routine, you can keep your skin healthy, vibrant, and glowing.

    Womaness Anti-Aging Skin Care Products I Use

    I love the entire Womaness skincare brand, which is formulated specifically for older women like myself!

    These are my favorite products I’m using right now:

    Clean Slate Cleanser

    An ultra creamy facial cleanser that cleans, hydrates, exfoliates and protects dry or irritated skin. I love how soft and supple my skin feels after cleansing instead of feeling tight and dry. I ditched the drug store face wash and this is all I use.

    Woman holding up a light pink bottle of Womaness Clean Slate Facial Cleanser

    Eye Opener Eye Serum

    This eye cream brightens my eyes and relieves any puffiness.

    Woman holding up a white bottle of Womaness Eye Opener cream with hand behind the product.

    Fountain of Glow Vitamin C Serum

    Use before makeup or SPF. This Vitamin C and antioxidant face serum is a game changer. Changing hormones makes our skin dull and this serum soaks in and leaves your skin looks silky and smooth. It also has eased my rosacea.

    Woman holding onto a bottle of Womaness Foundation of Glow Vitamin C Serum

    Let’s Neck Serum

    The neck is my problem area and this serum is their #1 best seller for a reason! In 3 months, it has helped firm up my skin, with less sagging and crepiness.

    Woman holding up a white bottle of Womaness Let's Neck Serum holding onto the edges of the bottle.

    The roller applicator cools and massages the product into your neck and decollete. It has Hyaclear7- the strongest form of hyaluronic acid for this problem area.   

    Overnight Magic Cream

    This is my all time favorite product in the line! The overnight magic cream works while you are sleeping and is literally magic. I think this has changed my skin the most.

    Chris Freytag wearing a black tank top holding up a container of the Womaness Overnight Magic Serum.

    It’s a nighttime moisturizer that has Bakuchiol-a plant-based gentler, alterative to retinol that repairs and restores your skin. It’s silky smooth and I think has evened out my skin tone and reduced my age spots more than any other product I have tried.

    The Works Body Cream

    I love this overall body cream with hyaluronic acid. Most drugstore lotions are filled with toxins but not this cream! It hydrates, tightens, and boosts elasticity – Yes please!  

    Woman holding up a white bottle of Womaness The Works Body Cream with hand behind it.

    Daily V Soothe

    If you’re feeling dry down there, you’re not alone: nearly one in three women experience everyday vaginal dryness during this stage of life.

    To make it easier for you, it’s a non-irritating, hormone- and silicone-free moisturizer to give your V region instant comfort. (Bonus: it also helps prep for intimacy!)

    Why I Love The Womaness Brand

    This company was started by two women that wanted to create a brand for women like themselves who are navigating menopause and the next phases of their lives.

    I had the pleasure of meeting them and hearing their whole journey and 20+ year history of building brands.

    They started the Womaness brand to educate women and offer products to help ease common menopause symptoms.

    Many of the symptoms of our changing bodies at this time—aches and pains, vaginal dryness, and dry skin—are related to menopause and Womaness has created a whole line of products that offer solutions for aging skin and sexual wellness. 

    And to this I say, “Amen sisters.” The products are high quality, clean ingredients reasonably priced and they work!

    I started using the products in 2023 and honestly was a little worried to be doing something new since I was recovering from a rosacea breakout but thought, “what do I have to lose at this point.”  And, I will tell you I love the products. They are working!

    All Womaness products are:

    • No estrogen or added hormones
    • Soy free, gluten free, nut free
    • Dermatologist and allergy tested, cruelty free

    I trust these products, I use these products, and I believe in the mission of this company.

    As the founders of Womaness have said: “You should be tapping into your fierceness, your sexiness, your realness, your agelessness, your womaness. Because women at this stage are the coolest, smartest, most interesting women we know. And you deserve to remain as unstoppable as ever.

    Other Skin Care Items I Love

    I have a few other must-have skincare staples that I use alongside the Womaness brand. These are the skincare products for women over 50 that I’ve been using for years:

    Revision Skincare Intellishade Original Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45

    This is my go-to everyday face moisturizer with an SPF and a sheer tint that conceals and protects my skin. After my workout and shower, on a clean face, I first put the Fountain of Youth Vitamin C serum and then this Revision Intellishade tinted SPF moisturizer. 

    You should wear SPF everyday, especially as we age.

    I did enough damage to my skin as a kid, but we know better now. This has a broad-spectrum SPF 45 that is formulated to correct, protect, conceal, brighten, and hydrate skin.

    I love the way it goes on and the way it blends in with my skin tone.

    ERASE YOUR FACE Face Reusable Makeup Removing Cloths

    These washcloths claim all you need is water. I personally use a cleanser with them because I just don’t feel like my face is clean without it.

    But these clothes are so soft and gentle on your eyes and face as you remove the makeup.

    Once you try them, you’ll never go back to a gritty washcloth. I love them!

    Sensibio – H2O Micellar Water – Makeup Remover Cleanser

    I pour some of this makeup remover cleanser onto a cotton cleansing cloth and gently wipe your makeup away. This product is amazing and great for sensitive skin and eyes.

    With rosacea, I try to stay away from weird oils or chemicals.

    This brand is well respected and this product is gentle and effective. Plus, you can buy a travel size which is so good for the carry-on suitcase!

    Kitsch Dermaplaning Tool

    Women for years have been spending money at the spa to get their faces derma-planed. Well, I am here to tell you that dermaplaning is another word for shaving.

    You can take your own peach fuzz off your face, eye area and lip using this safe tool. It’s so easy and I’ve been doing it for 20 years and no, I haven’t grown a beard yet.

    Save yourself some money and do it yourself. Plus, I think shaving is another form of exfoliation so it’s a win-win.

    Stainless Steel Ice Roller For The Face

    While this may not be a traditional anti-aging cream or serum, this stainless steel ice roller definitely makes my list as a best skin care product for women over 50. Keep this handy tool in your freezer.

    This ice roller is amazing in the morning after a late or sleepless night. Or whenever you feel puffiness on the face and eye area, gently use the ice roller on your skin.

    Which one of my best skin care products for women over 50 are you going to try first? Let me know which ones you love!

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