I Tested The Best Workout Tops On Amazon: Here Are 19 Of My Favorites

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // March 7, 2023

Whether you work out at the gym, at home, or wear your workout clothes for your daily activities, a comfortable and well-fitting workout top makes a difference. I have researched and found the best workout tank tops on Amazon. We’re covering Amazon crop tops, looser and tighter-fitting tops along with a few T-shirt style shirts.

First, let me admit that I have more workout tops hanging in my closet than regular tops. And yes I hang my workout tops, lol. I’ve been working out for a living since I was in my 20s.

Styles have changed over the decades and so has my body but a workout tank top is still a staple item when it comes to athletic wear.

Some of you will argue that when working out in your basement, you wear an old T-shirt and you don’t care what you look like. That’s fair.

But I have been creating in-home workouts for decades, and I talk to tens of thousands of women about athletic wear on a regular basis.

Many of them request a top that fits well, wicks away sweat, holds up to repeated washing, and still makes them feel good about themselves while exercising.

So bottom line, whether you care about fashion, function, or both, if you are interested in workout tops but you don’t want to spend top dollar per top, I have the pieces for you.

Since I love fashion AND fitness, I have taken it upon myself to do the research (it’s a tough job, I know!).

Whether you prefer a fitted crop top, a looser longer tank or T-shirt style, there are plenty of options for you that can work with your budget. 

Use the links below to quickly navigate this guide: 

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    Amazon Crop Tops

    CRZ Yoga Pima Cotton Cropped Tank Top

    Chris Freytag wearing brick orange workout tank top with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops CRZ Yoga Pima Cotton Cropped Tank Top"

    I have this in five colors and this is my current favorite style. I personally like cropped and loose-fitting styles.

    With an extra long torso and being 57 years old, I don’t like the bra top-only look. I like my top to hit at my waistline with high-waisted bottoms.

    This top meets all my criteria. It is high-necked and sleeveless and available in lots of fun bright colors. It’s 42% cotton with the right amount of added stretch and is cool and comfortable.

    All of the CRZ Yoga athletic wear is moisture-wicking and washes well.

    My size: Small.

    CRZ Yoga Racerback Cropped Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" CRZ Yoga Women's Lightweight Racerback - Chris Freytag wearing light blue tank top.

    This Amazon crop top is similar to the first but the fabric is a little lighter in my opinion. It’s mostly polyester with stretch but seriously feels more like cotton.

    The high neck cuts in at the shoulders and back a little more than the other CRZ. These are little details but like I said, I am very picky when it comes to my workout tops.

    This comes in pastel colors but again the fabric and fit feel expensive. If you like a crop top that’s not too short, it’s the perfect length for us longer-torso gals.

    It’s super soft and washes well.

    My size: Small.

    Dragon Fit Cropped Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" Dragonfit Crop Top - Chris Freytag wearing a black tank top with maroon leggings.

    The fabric on this top has a more silky feel; it’s mostly nylon and the style is a little boxier.

    I wear the black and white ones with my jeans a lot but I do own six colors.

    One of the reasons I love the high neck style best is I like to keep my chest out of the sun. At 57 years old, I have enough sun damage and am just trying to be smart. This tank is highly rated and you can’t beat the price.

    My size: Small. 

    BALEAF Cropped Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" Baleaf Women's Crop Top - Chris Freytag wearing a blue crop top and black joggers.

    This is another amazing Amazon crop top that is loose-fitting. This one is shorter than the other crop tops by about an inch. 

    But for working out, I love it. I have five colors and have washed them lots of times. It has lyocell in the fabric, which is made from bamboo giving it a cotton feel. 

    BALEAF is a great brand that I trust. 

    My size: Small. 

    LASLULU Cropped Open Back Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" LASLULU Open Back Tank Top - Chris Freytag wearing a maroon crop top and black leggings.

    LASLULU is the brand I love with many Lululemon lookalike styles. This one is one of my favorites of their tops.

    It’s 47% cotton with stretch. As you can tell, I only like workout clothes that have stretch to them! I like the small cut open back for a fun peek at your sports bra straps. 

    This one is also a little shorter than the other cropped tanks mentioned above. I have the burgundy and the pink.

    You seriously cannot go wrong with this brand. From their tank tops to their Lululemon Scuba Hoodie Look Alikes, I am a big fan of the LASLULU Brand.

    My size: Small. 

    MGOOL Cropped Mesh Back Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" LASLULU Open Back Tank Top - Chris Freytag wearing a pink top and black leggings.

    Another high neck cropped loose tank that I wear on the regular.  This has moisture-wicking fabric and a little mesh detail at the shoulders and the back for style. 

    Again this tank has the inspiration of a Lululemon tank at a fraction of the cost. The pink color is so bright: it makes me happy!

    It’s polyester with stretch but you need to feel it because I love this fabric!

    My size: Small.

    CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Racerback Fitted Crop Tank Top

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" LASLULU Open Back Tank Top - Photos of a blue tank top and green bottoms, both the front and the back of the tank top.

    Oh boy, this is another favorite tank top of mine. It sits right around waist and it’s fitted to the body. If you wear high-waisted leggings or shorts, I think it’s a great outfit. I don’t personally own this one, yet, but sending another popular recommendation your way.

    I like the crew neck, which is not as low as a scoop neck, and I love the racer back. The Butterluxe fabric is the CRZ Yoga signature fabric and it does feel soft like butter. 

    It wicks away sweat and performs like the more expensive Lululemon version.

    My size: Small.

    CRZ YOGA Crop Tank Top with Built-in Bra

    Graphic with text copy: "Amazon Crop Tops" and CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Women's V Neck Longline Sports Bra - and pictures of Chris Freytag wearing a black crop top and black leggings.

    This cropped tank is made of their signature butterluxe fabric. It’s soft, moisture-wicking with just the right amount of stretch.

    This style is very popular with younger girls as it is the lookalike to the Lululemon Align cropped tank/bra. I have it in black but there are lots of colors to choose from. 

    Great for all workouts or as a layering piece underneath a shirt or jacket.  

    Amazon Form Fitting Longer Tops

    Mippo Tie Back Tank

    This is a fun style because you can wear it two ways. You can leave it untied for a longer, flowy look or you can tie the back for a waist-length fitted look. It’s 95% modal with some stretch. 

    The mesh back is a fun detail; I like that the sports bra straps show through. And with over 14,600 great ratings, you can feel confident lots of people like it, including me. 

    My size: Small. 

    CRZ YOGA High Neck Built-in Shelf Bra Racerback Tank Top

    I have this tank in black and wear it all the time for dog walking and hiking. This hip-length style is great for taller bodies. 

    However, even though I’m only 5’5”, I prefer a longer length for certain activities because I put a belt bag over the tank to hold my personal items.

    I like the belt bag to be on the fabric, not on my skin. Speaking of the fabric, it’s so soft with some stretch. 

    The built-in bra works well for me and I am a fan of removable pads. The wider straps are comfortable and the higher neck protects my chest from the sun! It’s a winner in my book. 

    Just make note it’s form-fitting and hip length. 

    My size: Small. 

    CRZ YOGA Built-in Shelf Bra Y Back Tank Top

    I have this tank in black and I love the ribbed fabric with stretch. I do like the spaghetti strap look and the Y back for a change.

    The built-in bra with removable pads is always nice with a form-fitted tank. 

    Its hip length so taller girls will love it and with over 5,500 high ratings you know it holds up to an active lifestyle.

    My size: Small.

    Amazon Loose Fitting Longer Tops

    Aeuui Racerback Workout Tank Top

    For those of you who like a looser, longer tank, this one is my top pick. It has some style to it with the shoulders cut in a bit and the cute cut-out on the back.

    The bright colors are so fun and the fabric is soft and stretchy. I wore it for a variety of workouts and it’s a keeper. It has a little bit of an A-line cut so it doesn’t pull across the tummy making it very flattering. 

    My size: Small.

    ICTIVE Racerback Tank Top Longer

    This tank is very similar to the Aeuui tank but is a little less A-line and a little shorter. Lots of great colors and the fabric has a heathered look.

    With over 13,000 great reviews, I trust this brand and style.

    I don’t personally own this specific tank top, but have been told by many others that this brand is great and I am all about giving you options to try!

    BALEAF Sleeveless Workout Tank Top

    This has more coverage at the neck and the shoulders for less sun exposure outside. It’s your typical sleeveless cut that comes in lots of fun colors. The fabric is soft and moisture-wicking.

    The green color is my favorite and the longer length is great for tall girls or those who like more coverage. 

    The looser fit is flattering for those who don’t want to focus on their tummy area.

    My size: Small.

    CRZ YOGA Racerback Workout Tank Top

    This workout tank top has a scoop neck and rounded hem at the hips which I find flattering and for me, it covers my whole butt. This tank is 92% pima cotton with some stretch if you like the feel of cotton.

    Of course, CRZ Yoga is one of my favorite Amazon brands so I gravitate toward their items. 

    It’s lightweight and breathable which is great for the heat. I have the white.

    My size: Small.

    Icyzone Muscle Tank Top

    This muscle style is a favorite for many runners because air travels through easily and keeps you cool during your workouts.

    The oversized arm hole creates the muscle tank silhouette and feels lightweight.

    This workout tank comes in a three-pack with lots of bright colors. Over 25,000 great reviews gives you confidence this tank is a keeper. 

    Amazon T-shirt Style Workout Tops

    Amazon Essentials Short-Sleeve Crewneck Workout  T-Shirt

    ** (Available in Plus Size), Multipacks

    If you like a basic looser t-shirt made of moisture-wicking fabric, check out this one. 

    The Amazon Essentials brand is always reliable and highly rated. It’s polyester with a good stretch. It comes in a bunch of fun colors and you can’t beat this price.

    I am not a t-shirt wearer myself, but I did the research and I am confident that the Amazon Essentials items always deliver.  

    The over 22,200 good ratings can speak to that point. And for those who are looking for plus sizes, you are in luck with this t-shirt. 

    CRZ YOGA Short Sleeve Workout T-Shirt 

    CRZ Yoga can be trusted for cute silhouettes. I like that this neck is a little more scooped along with the hem. This tank is also 92% cotton with stretch. 

    Like all these Amazon workout tops, it wicks away moisture and washes well. If you like the t-shirt feel, this one has a cute style and comes in lots of colors.

    Icyzone V-Neck Workout T-Shirt

    This workout t-shirt has a v-neck if you like that style. It also comes in what I call muted or heathered colors. 

    Polyester with good stretch makes this t-shirt great for workouts and everyday activities. Over 7,600 high ratings lets you know this brand and style is well-liked.  

    What did you think of my picks for the best workout tops on Amazon? Let me know which ones you love!

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