How To Do A Burpee

Chris Freytag demonstrating a BurpeeThe Burpee is a classic full-body, cardiovascular move that increases your heart rate and burns calories fast. The Burpee was invented by Royal H. Burpee as a quick and straightforward way of administering fitness tests. This is because even a single Burpee works every major muscle group and spikes the heart rate. It requires a squat, a jump, a push-up, another jump, a squat and yet another jump. These movements are explosive, making this a high-intensity workout. After ten Burpees, this exercise might start to feel like a punishment, but the results are worth it.

Learning how to do a Burpee will strengthen your arms, chest, glutes, hamstrings, quads and core muscles. The up and down movements of the Burpee also dramatically increase the heart rate. This kind of intensity is great for improving cardiovascular health, and is what keeps your metabolism burning all day long. The Burpee is by far one of the best weight loss exercises.

It’s important to pick a pace that works for you so you can keep proper form as you go through the motions. Your body will start to feel heavy after a round of these, but in order to get the full benefits it’s important to stay steady and never stop until the workout is complete, so pick a pace that you know you can maintain. Also, don’t forget to breathe!

We recommend warming up the body before starting a Burpee, so it’s great to weave into a larger routine so your body is prepared. We love our Spring Break Body Workout, which features the Burpee to help you burn calories and tone muscles for that awesome beach bod!

Here are the steps to performing a burpee:

A) Start in a plank position with arms and legs long, hands shoulder distance apart.

B) Walk or jump both feet between your hands coming into a low squat. Jump straight up as high as possible, land, and come back to your plank position.

Targets: biceps, core, glutes


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