How To Do Power Knee Lift on a Step

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a Power Knee Lift on a Step

Power Knee Lift on a Step is a move that strengthens the muscles in your legs and glutes while propelling your heart rate for a great cardio move and calorie burn. This move focuses on your lower body muscles to propel your body up in a jumping motion. This is definitely a plyometric move, meaning an explosive move that builds strengths and conditions the muscles of the heart. The key to a proper plyometric move is explosiveness. Think big!  However, it is crucial that you also focus on the landing.  The landing in move like this needs to be soft and controlled. In other words – don’t sound like an elephant when you are performing this or any other plyometric move.  If you learn how to do Power Knee Lift on a Step you are training your body to use core strength and lower body muscles to control the weight of the body and land in a way that doesn’t jam into your joints such as knees or hips.

You will need a platform such as a bench or step for this move. One foot is on top of the bench and the other is on the ground. This gives you a chance to work the leg that is on top – or elevated – since that is the leg that will be popping you up and taking the weight first as you land.  You are going to burn major calories!

Plyometrics are a form of strength training so you don’t want to do them every day. Your muscles will need a good 48-hour break in between sessions. If you’re not active now, you may need to start working on your basic fitness first and later have a pro show you how to do the moves properly to ensure effectiveness and avoid injury. You can also modify by lifting high and avoiding the jump portion.

Here are the steps to performing Power Knee Lift On a Step:

1)Start in a squat position with one foot on the step and one on the floor.

2) Drive the knee of the floor leg up while jumping into the air and swinging the opposite arm. Land back in a squat and repeat for desired number of reps.  Switch sides.

Targets: glutes, quads, hamstrings


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