How To Do Resistance Band Tick Tock

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a resistance band tick tock exercise wearing a red top and blue exercise pants.

Resistance Band Tick Tock is a lower body exercise that uses the band for extra resistance to strengthen your glutes and legs and really target those outer thighs! This is an awesome move that will add another great lower-body exercise into your regular squat and lunge routine. Know how to do a basic squat? Got lunges down just fine? Then it’s time to grab a band and get a little more bang for your buck! By standing on the band and pressing outward you are targeting a hard-to-hit area of your body: the outer thighs! If you learn how to do Resistance Band Tick Tock you discover that the band is definitely the way to go! With its versatility and multi-directional options, this one, simple, portable tool is a game changer.

The Resistance Band is one of the most flexible tools available not only in the way you can use it for exercises, but in it’s portability and ease. This band can fit in a small handbag or backpack and taken anywhere; perfect for travel! Take this band on any trip and combine it with some basic cardio moves for a simple, overall fat burn anywhere and anytime! Resistance bands can be used for both lower body and upper body. In fact, these bands are one of the best for full-body moves. For example, you can stand on the band and do excellent Resistance Band Squats. You can stand on the band and to a shoulder press. But of course, if you want to go all out you could stand on the band and to the squat and shoulder press together at one time. This will give you a full body training as well as a providing a great way to increase your heart rate!

Try this Resistance Tick Tock and then try our awesome workout 7 Resistance Band Moves To Tone The Whole Body.

Here are the steps to learning Resistance Band Tick Tock:

1) Stand on band with feet shoulder width apart and hold handles next to hip bones.

2) Keep legs long as you press right leg out to the side, then set right foot down and press left leg out to the side. That is a total of one repetition.

3) As you alternate pressing legs side to side be sure to keep your abs tight so your body stays tall and doesn’t “tip” over to the side.

Targets: legs

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