Full-Body Resistance Band Workout To Burn Fat

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // November 18, 2021

Would you like to burn fat and tone muscles all in one workout? Want to work out at home, in a hotel room, or even on the beach? You don’t need dumbbells, just a resistance band!  This Full-Body Resistance Band Workout is a  circuit-style resistance workout that alternates simple cardio moves with toning resistance band exercises. Certified fitness trainer, Chris Freytag created the routine below to target all your major muscle groups in only 10 minutes.


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    Benefits of Resistance Band Training

    The resistance band is a light, portable, yet challenging workout tool that has long been a favorite of trainers and group fitness teachers alike.

    • Resistance bands are good for all fitness levels.

    The band’s intensity is based on its thickness. Want to work harder? Grab a thicker band. Beginner? Grab a thin one. Most brands offer 4-5 levels of thickness.

    • Incorporating Variety into your workout matters.

    The resistance bands give you options to move your joints in different ways. So even though dumbbells are a great fitness tool, your body adapts to the same moves when you perform them over and over. It’s good to switch it up!

    • Resistance bands are light and portable.

    Easy to store in a drawer, throw them in your gym bag, carry them to a friend’s, or slide them into your suitcase when you travel. The band allows you to strength train any time and anywhere!

    • Resistance bands are an affordable piece of workout equipment.

    Most bands will cost you $20 or less. Check out the set of 5 bands that we use in our workout.

    10-Minute Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

    Get your timer out: you’ll perform each move below for 1 minute.

    You’ll alternate between one minute of a resistance band move and one minute of a cardio burst.

    1. Cardio Burst: Jogging in place 

     Joggers, aka, running in place, gets your heart rate up and burns calories!

    Get your cardio in in between toning moves.

    Here are the steps to performing Joggers:

    1.  Stand with feet hip-width apart and elbows bent tightly next to sides.

    2. Pick right foot up briefly and as you set it down pick the left foot up. Keep switching quickly so both feet are never down at the same time.

    2. Resistance Band Side To Side Squat

    Resistance Band Side-To-Side Squat is a lower body exercise that strengthens your outer thighs along with your glutes and quadriceps.


    Here are the steps to learning Resistance Band Side-To-Side Squat:

    1. Stand both feet on band hip-width apart and hold handles next to hip bones.

    2. Take a big step right and sit back into a squat, then bring your left foot to your right foot as you stand.

    3. Take a big step left and sit back into a squat, then bring your right foot to your left foot as you stand. That is a total of one repetition.

    3. Cardio Burst: Jumping Jacks

    Jumping Jacks are a calisthenics workout, which means it’s great for cardiovascular health and boosting your metabolism.


    Here are the steps to proper jumping jacks:

    1. Start standing up with your legs together, a slight bend in knees, and hands resting on thighs.
    2. Keeping the knees bent, open the arms and legs out to the sides. Arms come above the head and legs wider than shoulders.
    3. Close your arms and legs back to your sides, returning to your start.

    4. Resistance Band Chest Press

    This is also a great exercise for teaching your body to engage the core for stabilization. The Resistance Band Chest Press is a great exercise to strengthen your chest without having to pick up heavy weights or do push-ups. We love this great move!


    How To Do Resistance Band Chest Press:

    1) Place right foot down on the center of the band and bring handles to shoulders with palms facing forward. Hold elbows slightly behind the body.

    2) Standing tall with abs tight, press arms straight out in front of your chest and shoulders then slowly pull elbows back. Repeat.

    5. Cardio Burst: Burpees

    The burpee is a killer move and one of those special bodyweight exercises that uses nearly every muscle in your body while burning tons of calories both while you do them and for a long time even after you’re done.


    How to do a Burpee

    1.  Start in a standing position and drop down into a squat.
    1.  Jump (or walk for low impact) both feet back at the same time into a plank position. In a plank position, your hands are below shoulders, body long and abs tight. Make sure your low back is not sagging.
    1.  Jump (or walk for low impact) both feet together between your hands.
    1.  Release hands from the ground as you explode into the air with a jump as high as you can, reaching your arms up. (Skip the jump if you want to keep it low impact.)

    That’s one burpee. Now repeat!

    6. Resistance Band Butt Blaster

    Resistance Band Butt Blaster is a unique way to strengthen your glutes without having to do any squats, lunges or even put bodyweight on your knees.


    Here are the steps to performing Resistance Band Butt Blaster:

    1. Kneel on the floor and wrap band under the right foot, and place hands down under shoulders holding handles against the floor.

    2. Lift right knee off the floor slightly and push the right foot back to extend leg straight against the band, squeezing your glute.

    3. Release slowly bringing knee back into a bent position. Continue for desired reps and switch feet.

    7. Cardio Burst: High Knee Run

    Don’t let the simplicity of this movement fool you: high knees can be a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise.


    How To Do High Knees

    1. Start standing with feet hip-distance apart.

    2. Lift right knee as high as it will go and raise the opposite arm, then switch quickly so left knee is up before right foot lands. Continue pulling knees up quirky for as long as desired.

    8. Resistance Band Lunge With Overhead Press

    Resistance Band Lunge With Overhead Press is an exercise that strengthens the legs, glutes, and shoulders as well as engages the core for stability. This full-body resistance band exercise is a great way to multi-task your strength training.


    Here are the steps to performing Resistance Band Stationary Lunge With Overhead Press:

    1. Place right foot on the center of the band on the floor and hold handles next to shoulders.

    2. Step your left foot behind you, keeping your heel off the ground.

    3. Lower toward the ground, bending both knees to a 90-degree angle.

    4.  Slowly press back up as you push your arms straight overhead.

    Repeat for the desired number of reps and switch legs.

    9. Cardio Burst: Jumprope 

    Dust off your real Jump Rope or do it our favorite way- with no rope at all! Jump Rope is a fun, high-intensity aerobic exercise.


    How to Jumprope

    1. Start with feet hip-distance apart, and arms stretched to the sides like your holding a jump rope with your hands.

    2. Circle your hands like you’re swinging a jump rope and hop over it to jump rope in place.

    10. Resistance Band Mid-Back Pull

    Resistance Band Mid-Back Row is a unique strength exercise that uses the resistance band to strengthen the upper to mid-back muscles as well as your rear deltoid, or back of the shoulder. These muscles are important to keep strong not only so they look good, but these are the muscles that promote good posture and standing tall.


    Here are the steps to performing Resistance Band Mid-Back Pull:

    1.  Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, grab the handles of the band with each hand, then loop the band once or twice more around each hand to desired tightness.

    2.  Holding hands straight out in front of you at shoulder height, pull the band open as arms go out to the sides and band comes in towards the chest. Keep shoulders down.

    3. Slowly release hands back to start position and repeat.

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    Try out our 10-minute resistance band workout to burn fat!

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