How To Do Side Plank Scoop

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a side plank scoop wearing a workout top and pants.

Side Plank Scoop is a core body exercise, focused on your obliques, that strengthens your abdominals and shoulders along with stretching your lower back. If you learn how to do Side Plank Scoop you will only need about 8-10 repetitions to feel this move working your mid-section. Side Planks are great for stabilizing your core body, but adding the scoop will add a rotation which requires your obliques to work making for a trimmer waistline and more sculpted mid-section overall.

Your abdominals are made to help you bend forward, move side-to-side, rotate and also helps to stabilize your entire midsection. Many people make the mistake of working on only one of these movements. Usually people focus only on the forward flexion by doing things like sit-ups and crunches. Side Plank Scoop helps you train your core for more than just one way to move. This exercise teaches you to rotate and stabilize all at one time.

Side Plank Scoop requires a nice strong shoulder, so if you have any trouble with shoulder injuries or wrist problems try this move on your forearm instead. Another great option for learning the move with a modification is to place your bottom knee on the ground. You can do everything else the same, but the bottom knee will provide a bit of extra support to make it easier until you are strong enough to do the full exercise.

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Here are the steps to performing Side Plank Scoop

1) Begin in a full side plank position with right hand below shoulder, left arm reaching high above left shoulder and legs long. (Modify by placing bottom knee onto mat if needed)

2) Tighten abdominals and slowly scoop left arm under the body, following with your eyes until you see behind you.

3) Slowly reach left hand back to start position.

4) Repeat for desired number of repetitions and switch sides.

Targets: shoulders, arms, core

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