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By: // May 21, 2018

The pool and grill covers came off this weekend and now it’s time to start thinking about summer! Welcome in the season of fun in the sun this year on a positive note!

Plan ahead. Warmer weather means more picnics, family gatherings, graduations, celebrations and cookouts. If you are worrying about all of the foods that might tempt you, plan ahead. This is the best way to keep the pounds off that you’ve worked so hard to lose. Don’t attend any event with a voracious appetite. Have a healthy snack before the event so your head (and not your stomach) can make the decisions at the cookout or party. Don’t save up calories for an event because a big appetite means bad decisions. Instead of feeling deprived, fill up your plate just once. Don’t waste calories on foods you don’t really love just to be polite and try everyone’s dish. Be selective. And when it comes to dessert, decide which dessert will be your indulgence. Enjoy your dessert without the guilt.

Lead by healthy example. People love having healthy options at family gatherings, so be the person who shows up with a healthy dish. Whether it is homemade hummus, guacamole, deviled eggs, a delicious salad, my Yes You Can cupcakes or a wine spritzer, show up with some healthy dish you can share.

Use the warm weather to make healthier food choices. There is something about the sun and heat that makes us all a little less hungry than the dead of winter. Use it to your advantage and try out some new recipes that are healthy and light  with fresh veggies and fruits. I have lots of free recipes you can try by clicking here!

Get some active family time. Gather up your crew for some fun in the sun. Try something different this year. Whitewater rafting? Stand-up paddle boarding? Tennis? A hike on a new trail? Swim, play a game of basketball, bocce ball or volleyball. Create some amazing memories right at the start of  your summer and get the whole family active.


Need ideas to make your summer healthier? Click HERE!

Hang with your friends. If you’re like me, each year you want to devote more time to your friendships with the girls. And you know life moves at such a pace that the days can quickly turn into weeks when you haven’t connected with the friends you care about most. Make a plan. Do a group text to your closest gal pals and round everyone up for a glass of evening wine, meet up at the pool, or plan a brunch when you are all free. Not only is spending time with your friends good for your well-being and outlook, that social time helps you live longer too.

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Muscle up for tank top weather. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I post short (15 second!) video clips on my Facebook page of a workout you can do to build muscle. The secret to a revved up metabolism and a stronger you is to build and retain muscle. Join me for my Facebook workouts or try some of these workouts!

Stay mindful of your choices. Weight gain happens easily when we don’t pay attention to our choices and it’s easier to be less aware of your choices in the summertime when it seems like everyone is more laid back and indulging. Stay mindful of your choices by jotting down when you have a treat, or keeping a food journal or just reminding yourself to keep your choices top of mind.

Trade good times with a good calorie burn. If you overindulge a little in food, decide to overindulge in your workout too. Work up a good sweat by revving up the intensity or duration of your exercise. Try some interval training to really blast those calories. Get your heart rate up.

Try my favorite Mindfulness App … it can help you sleep better, keep your mind clear, and live in the present moment to fully absorb the long days of summer!

What is your favorite way to make the summer special? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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