Teaching Your Toddler The ABC’s Of Exercise

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By: // September 14, 2015

We all want to teach our children the value of fitness and healthy habits, but how do you start imparting that knowledge at an early age? I found the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the joy of movement with a new book: “The ABC’s of Exercise” by Andrea Lott and Tricia Murphy Madden. It’s a colorful children’s book with fun fitness moves and quick yoga basics, from A to Z. As you teach your toddler the ABC’s of exercise, each letter has a different exercise for them to try.

For example, B means it’s time to “bend down low and touch your toes” while C offers a chance to “clap your hands and shake your hips.” This book is a great opportunity to read to your child and teach them the alphabet while also engaging them with easy-to-remember movements they will love to practice.

First off, this book is co-authored by a dear friend of mine, Tricia Murphy Madden.   For Tricia, a crusader for healthy habits (and my longtime friend!) this book combines two of her biggest passions: children and fitness. I wish this book was around when my kids were little! The illustrations are adorable and the range of exercises cover everything from balancing moves to running basics. Plus, it sets your kids up for a lifelong interest in fitness.

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I have always preached introducing your kids to the joy of movement early on, and combining it with a reading opportunity is even better. My youngest was one who could barely sit still long enough to read a book. This would have been a lifesaver for me back in the day. And I can’t help but mention the fact it’s not a screen that’s talking at your kid, it’s a book that creates interaction between you and your child—brilliant! We need more of that back in our lives.

Since my kids are grown, we tested the book out on Harper, our little fitness pal. Here she is demonstrating some of her favorite moves from the book.

“Hop Hop Hop like a bunny—back and forth and side to side.”

Teach your little ones the value of exercise with this fun new book.

“Push-ups are fun, too!”

Teach your child to value movement while having fun with them.

“Now let’s see your best Down Dog.”

Your toddler will love learning yoga basics with this educational book.

“Extend one leg up to the sky. Now try the other side.”

Your toddler will love trying these simple exercises.

“Quick, quick, run in place!” (Or down the block…)

Your toddler will love doing these simple exercises while learning about the power of movement.

This is the perfect book to give to any toddler in your life—from your grandchildren to nieces and nephews or your own young children. Bringing education and movement to young kids is an important cause, and Tricia’s book makes it fun and easy to teach your child about fitness. Click here to purchase “The ABC’s of Exercise.”

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