27 Ways To Relax In Less Than Five Minutes

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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // January 25, 2016

It’s no secret that many of us are overworked, overstressed and could use a little more relaxation in our daily lives. Did you know that 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did five years ago? Or that 3 out of 4 doctor’s visits are for stress-related illnesses?

While the best ways to relax probably include hour-long massages or vacations, finding that kind of time or money can be difficult.

Luckily, you can turn around a stressed-out day in as little as five minutes with these simple ways to relax.

Ways To Relax in Less Than 5 Minutes

1) Have a cup of tea

Whether herbal or green, the simple act of preparing a cup of tea can remind you to pause for a moment and relax. The properties in chamomile tea act as a natural nerve tonic and green tea has been clinically proven to reduce stress.

2) Chew gum

A stick of gum can be a surprising stress reliever. In just a few minutes, cortisol levels drop, lowering your anxiety. It’s also a great way to nix stress-related food cravings.

3) Cuddle up to your furry friend

One of the most adorable ways to relax might just be cozying up to Fido. Petting your cat or dog can lower your blood pressure and raise levels of the feel-good chemical serotonin in your body.

4) Give yourself a hand massage

Grab some coconut oil or lightly scented lotion and take time to release the tension in your hands. To release stress from the shoulders, neck and scalp, focus on kneading the area under the base of the thumb.

5) Journal

Feel more relaxed in less than five minute by journaling

Taking time to write down your worries, fears or dreams can help declutter your subconscious mind, allowing you to be fully in the present.

6) Stretch at your desk

Take a five-minute stretch break to loosen muscles and rid your body of tension. Try these easy office yoga poses to instantly decompress.

7) Count backward

When you feel stress creeping up, try counting backwards from 10, focusing on your breath at each number. Simply distracting your brain with a simple task like this is a great way to interrupt the cycle of stressing about future events.

8) Enjoy some chocolate

In particular, dark chocolate regulates cortisol (the stress hormone) and can stabilize your metabolism so you don’t experience hunger-related mood swings or stress.

9) Sit in child’s pose

Some days, a yoga class is out of the question. But we’re betting you have the time to sit comfortably in child’s pose, taking deep breaths in and out for a few moments. The simple act of staying in this restorative pose can steady your breath and calm your mind.

10) Meditate

You may think meditation requires 15 minutes of total silence—but even meditating for five minutes can be a great way to relax. Simply focus on your breath and try letting your thoughts come and go without becoming attached to them.

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11) Sit under a “happy lamp”

Not getting enough Vitamin D can make us depressed, crabby or even fatigued. Energy lamps or “happy lamps” provide natural spectrum light which can improve your mood and concentration.

12) Use the 4-7-8 breathing technique


Deep breathing is one of the best ways to relax. But did you know there’s a specific breathing technique that helps ease nervous tension? It’s called the 4-7-8 breath, and it can help you relax in as little as three repetitions. Take a four second inhale through your nose, hold it for seven seconds, and exhale out of your mouth for eight seconds. 

13) Use a heating pad

What better way to relax than cozying up to a heating pad? They make so many different kinds—some are even filled with potpourri or scented with a calming essence like lavender—that can fit around your neck, shoulders or stomach

14) Take a coloring break

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, and for good reason—they help you de-stress and let your mind wander, something we rarely let ourselves do after the age of 5. The truth is, of all the ways to relax, unstructured creative time can be the most effective. You’re not striving to achieve any sort of “result;” you’re just playing. 

15) Use essential oils

Whether you add them to your shower, mix them with lotion or simply take a whiff when stress starts to build, using essential oils is a great way to relax. Scents like lavender, rose or ylang ylang are particularly calming.

16) Do a face mask

Even if you don’t have time for a full-blown spa treatment, using a simple clay face mask for five minutes will refresh your face and boost your mood. Bonus points for cucumbers on your eyes!

17) Get out the foam roller

When your muscles are sore, it can cause your body to tense up all over. Break out the foam roller for some light myofascial release—a fancy term for self-massage—that will help your muscles recover and your whole body unwind.

18) Light a candle

Light a scented candle and bask in its glow. A nice calming scent like lavender will also provide aromatherapy benefits.

19) Listen to your favorite song

Make a playlist of a few go-to songs that instantly calm you, whether they be pop songs or slow piano music. Listening to music that you like is a super easy way to relax and unwind.

20) Repeat a mantra

Keep a go-to mantra in your back pocket for times when you feel overwhelmed, such as “peace begins with me” or “all is well.”

21) Cozy up to some citrus fruit

Smell some citrus fruit to calm your nerves.

Studies have shown that smelling citrus fruits—like oranges, lemons, or grapefruits—can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Add a few to your water and hydrate at the same time!

22) Close your eyes

Because we’re constantly inundated with screens, closing those lids for a few minutes is not only stress-relieving, but a good way to limit eye strain and keep your peepers healthy.

23) Call a friend

As social creatures, we need connection to be happy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, call a good friend—chances are, they’ll help you find something to laugh about and focus on the bigger picture.

24) Walk around the block

We’re proponents of exercise because of what it does for your body and mind. But if you don’t have time to hit the gym or get sweaty, a simple five-minute stroll in the fresh air can be a wonderful way to relax.

25) Pamper yourself

A fresh coat of paint on your nails, a fun hairstyle or any other simple add-on to your beauty routine can boost your mood in an instant. It may sound superficial, but taking a little extra time with your routine can improve your mood.

26) Look at photos of your loved ones

It’s been proven that looking at pictures of loved ones in times of stress causes the brain to relax. Keep photos of your family or friends near your desk or in your phone to look at whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

27) Smile

It sounds ridiculous, but it actually works: studies show that a forced smile can genuinely reduce stress. So if you’re feeling overworked and craving some relaxation, try smiling before anything else. You might just find your shoulders dropping, your arms stretching and your mind a little calmer.

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Unwind with these easy ways to relax in less than five minutes.

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