10 Habits Of Highly Fit People

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By: // October 24, 2015

Do you want to raise your fitness level so you can get in the zone and get ready take on new challenges? Maybe you want to run a faster 5k, lift heavier weights, or lose those last five pounds. If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your strength, it’s time to adopt some habits that will garner you success. People who get the most out of their workouts and accomplish their fitness goals do these 10 habits to stay in shape. Highly fit people….

1.Incorporate Bodyweight Training To Get Stronger

If you’re afraid strength training will make you too bulky, think again: building muscle actually helps you burn more calories at rest. Because muscle is more metabolically active than body fat, it will burn more calories per day at a resting heart rate than body fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns daily. So, are you ready to strength train? Highly fit people know that even simple bodyweight exercises work amazingly well at building muscle and helping you tone up. Plus, you can do them anywhere!

2. Have a Fitness Community

People are much more likely to stick to their fitness plans when they have someone holding them accountable. Whether you find a workout buddy or an online community, accountability eliminates excuses, plain and simple. Grab a friend and make a commitment to a weekly workout together, or head to Get Healthy U TV and join our awesome online community where you can workout with me anytime, anywhere, by streaming my workouts online.

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3. Cross-train

People that stay in shape have learned this secret: you have to mix it up to keep your body guessing and continually see results! A spin class is a great way to mix-up your routine and challenge your body in a different way. You’ll get a good sweat going with the high energy vibe and invigorating music. Spinning burns calories quickly and provides a safe and fun ride indoors. If you have one exercise you love and that’s all you do, you are putting stress on the same muscles and bones involved in that activity and your risk for overuse injury increases. Cross-training allows you to workout different muscles in your body so you can do more activities safely. Mixing up your workout types increases your performance and fitness without pushing your body past its limits.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress can keep you stuck at a certain weight or cause you to gain, and both can prevent you from boosting your fitness level. If you are stressed to the max, your body produces a hormone called cortisol, and if not controlled, it can make you cling on to belly fat. Fit people get ahead of their stress by managing it in healthy ways. Take a walk, get some fresh air, meditate, do something fun, read a book, laugh, call up a friend or seek some alone time. Find ways to reduce your stress and commit to doing a few of those things each week.

5. Make Fitness A Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is achieved by the sum total of all of your choices. Losing weight, getting healthier or becoming more fit is not something you are on or off. Think lifestyle, not gimmick, fad or trend. Practice the 80/20 rule and aim to make healthy choices 80% of the time. That’s still the majority, but it leaves a tiny bit of wiggle room because let’s face it, we’re all human and if we completely deprive ourselves of never eating ice cream again, we’re going to want ice cream more than ever. Commit to a healthy, fit lifestyle as opposed to saying you’re on a “diet.”

6. Train Their Minds

Getting healthy and losing weight doesn’t start in your kitchen or your gym—it starts in your mind. Once you get yourself in the right place mentally—you can start to make lasting change. Win the mental game and get on your own team. Practice positive self-talk and don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake or not doing a workout perfectly. Be on your own side and make your mind an empowering place to hang out and you will become more resilient, stronger, and confident than ever before.

7. Eat Clean

Our relationships with food are powerful. We can make choices that support our health, fuel our energy and give us an edge on living a long life. Or we can make choices that ultimately weigh us down—physically, emotionally and energetically. Fit people know that the best food is fresh and real; they avoid packaged or processed foods when possible and get a good mix of vegetables, protein, and complex carbs. If you’re feeling lost on the subject of clean eating, check out Get Started With Clean Eating

8. HIIT Training

That one super fit friend you know is probably doing high intensity workouts in order to stay in shape. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is an amazing way to burn fat and build muscle. Tabata Training (a form of HIIT) uses only 4 minutes of time. 20 seconds at 80-90% of your capacity and 10 seconds resting period. Check out some of our heart-pumping HIIT workouts today!

9. Ramp Up The Intensity

People who stay in shape are continuously challenging themselves. If you keep doing the same workout, you will stay the same. You can still do your favorite workout but mix it up in terms of effort, duration, intensity or speed. Put more effort into your group fitness class, or add a mile or a hill to your run, put the treadmill on an incline or add some minutes or reps to your bodyweight routine. When you mix it up and ramp up the intensity, you will ramp up your fitness level too.

10. Take Action

If you struggle with losing weight, eating healthy foods, or getting fit, you probably spend a good deal of time acquiring knowledge on how you can change. Maybe you read blogs, watch fitness videos, acquire healthy tip lists or spend money on fitness magazines. While I applaud you for investing in your health and well-being, I have one question for you: What are you doing with that information?

People that accomplish their fitness goals take their knowledge and turn it into action. Get out there and transform your body and mind with these tips! Yes U Can!

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