11 Incredible Uses for Lemons

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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // October 24, 2014

Lemons are so multifunctional! This sunshine-bright and fresh-smelling fruit has so many uses that lemons should always make your grocery list. Every single morning before I reach for my coveted cup of coffee, I reach for a big glass of lemon water because it’s so good for your body.

My love for lemons inspired this post. Lemons are amazing for your body, nails and skin … and amazing for around the house too! (P.S. Click on each of the tips below for even more amazing benefits of lemons!)

Let’s learn just 11 of the amazing uses of lemons below!

1. Drink lemon water to flush out toxins

Start your day by squeezing a half a lemon into 16 to 20 ounces of room temperature water and sip. This is an easy habit to form and it’s so good for you. When you drink lemon water, you are actually helping to cleanse your body. Lemon juice stimulates the natural enzymes in the liver, which in turn, helps it to flush out toxins!

2. Lemons balance PH levels

Contrary to what most people believe, lemon water, although acidic in nature, is actually treated by the body as a base once ingested. We consume an over-abundance of acidic foods thus lowering our bodies pH level. Lemon water can help the body maintain a balanced pH state, alkalizing the blood and reversing the effects of highly acidic foods.

3. Lemons assist in weight loss

Lemons contain a soluble fiber called pectin that has been shown to help with weight loss. And since liquid calories add up faster than we’d like to believe—think about your morning daily Starbucks with whip for a second—lemon juice is a delicious way to add variety to your water without calories!

4. Use lemon to boost your immunity

Warm lemon water supports your immune system when you are sick by replacing fluids your body loses during a fever. Vitamin C is also thought to boost immune system function. And if you do get a sore throat, gargling with a lemon-water rinse can help. And you can’t go wrong adding a little lemon juice to your favorite tea to soothe a sore throat.

5. Use lemon to improve digestion

If your indigestion is caused by a lack of stomach acid – rather than too much of it — drinking the juice of one lemon mixed in a glass in warm water after a meal can provide relief. Lemon juice naturally stimulates the production of stomach acid.

6. Use lemons to keep your garbage disposal fresh

Put used lemon peel down your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh. Garbage disposals not only get really stinky if you don’t maintain them, the blades will also go dull. Throw two lemon wedges and a cup of ice in the disposal. Turn on the cold water and turn on the disposal. The lemon will help with the bad odors and the ice helps to get those blades sharp.

7. Use lemon to clean glass

Dab straight lemon juice onto a piece of newspaper to remove tough spots on your windows. For larger areas, spray a lemon juice-water solution onto the glass and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

8. Use lemons to prevent apples and avocados from browning

If you want your apples and avocados to retain their vibrant colors, use a liberal amount of lemon juice over both and you can avoid browning. Lemons can keep your homemade guacamole or your fruit salad looking freshly made.

9. Use lemons in your beauty routine

Use lemons as a clarifying moisturizer. Mix a few drops of coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice. The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clear and brighten it. Have you been getting too many gel manicures? Make a mixture of your favorite cooking oil (try olive oil) with lemon juice, and soak your nails. This is a good practice if your nails are dry and brittle, but it’s also a great way to help fix nails that have yellowed.

10. Freshen your breath

Lemon juice can be used to freshen your breath and has been used for years as a natural breath mint. Although alkalizing, the acidity in lemons helps destroy bacteria in your mouth that promotes bad breath. Drink lemon water to freshen up your breath all day.

11. Use lemons to remove tough stains

Lemon can remove stains on plastic or wood cutting boards. Squeeze on the juice of one half, rub it in and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Who knew there were so many uses for lemons! Lemons are good for your body inside and out, and good to have around the house. I hope you are now thoroughly convinced that lemons should be in your grocery cart!

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