Confidence: 4 Ways to Wear it Well

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By: // April 8, 2014

The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence, and there are four ways to wear confidence well. Women who radiate confidence are beautiful—at any shape or size. True confidence is found on the inside. It can’t be air-brushed, photo shopped or bought in a drugstore aisle. When you exude confidence, you are telling the world that you accept and love who you are.

 Confidence doesn’t care if you live in your gym clothes …

Or you go grunge

Or you rock your tattoos or your business suit

Confidence doesn’t care if you have long or short hair …

Or what number the scale says

Or if you love or hate retail therapy

Confidence doesn’t care if you wear make-up or hate it …

Or if you toss your hair up

Or spend hours with the flat iron

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt Click to Tweet

Confidence is about embracing who you are. If you rock your pedi/manis, laser hair removal, professional hair coloring and your Jimmy Choo shoes, good for you. If you are au naturel, and like to skip a few days of the hair washing, you won’t be caught dead in a mall, or in anything spandex, own it girl. You don’t have to be like anyone else to love yourself. You are uniquely YOU, so wear it well. You define you. Who wants a world with copies anyway? Be authentic. Love your day at the salon or your make-up free style. When you fully own who you are and love it, confidence prevails. Some days I’m all about the salon and on other days I’ve been known to skip a day or two of hair washing. Oh well!

Confidence is about radiating positivity. When you are confident in your own skin, you don’t get caught in the cycle of comparisons and criticisms of others—especially other women. Confident women lift other women up with them—they don’t tear them down. They don’t want to be someone else. Confident women are inherently positive. If you are a confident woman, you think positive thoughts about yourself and you find the positive in others. You can see confidence when you meet her. She shines like a bright light, and there’s no mistaking it.

Confidence is about self-respect. Confidence = Self-Love and Self-Love = Self-Respect. It’s a circle of confidence and love! Treat your body kindly with exercise, activity and healthy eating habits and you constantly send yourself the message that you are worth it. (You are, you know!)  When you make healthy choices you send yourself the message that YOU VALUE YOU. And when you take care of yourself, your confidence beams through. Respect your body, mind and soul and confidence is the gift you will get back.

Confidence is about defining yourself as a whole person. Confidence doesn’t mind if you want to improve yourself but the truly confident love themselves throughout the journey. Let’s face it; true confidence comes from how you feel and not what appears in that selfie.

When you are confident, you are loving life. Confidence creates a circle of the positive—confidence means you take risks, try new things, take care of you, and those behaviors generate even more confidence.

Your confidence is a gift to yourself and to others. When you are confident people want to be around you. Who doesn’t want to be around people who are radiating warmth, self-acceptance and love?

Own your confidence and wear it well; it is THE BEST accessory!

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