How To Do Arnold Press


Arnold Press is an upper body move that strengthens you shoulders, biceps and upper back. Arnold press was originally created by – you guessed it – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back in his body building days he combined the bicep curl and the overhead press for this great combo move. If you learn how to do Arnold Press you will have one move that conquers many upper body muscles.

The challenge when performing the Arnold Press is choosing the appropriate weight. Because it involves your shoulders, you may want to start lighter to avoid any possible shoulder injuries.

Always perform this move very slowly. The essence of strengthening muscles is to focus on the time under tension. The slower you move, the more time your muscles spend under tension and the better results you will have. In addition, you will have better form and avoid swinging or using momentum.

Once you have practiced the move with lighter weights and feel more confident, move up a few pounds in each arm. Remember that as long as you can perform the move properly, heavier weights are going to give you real results. Women especially are afraid of “bulking up” if they use weights that are too heavy.

This is just not going to happen. In order to get truly big and bulky you must spend hours in your workout mode, feed your muscles with lots and lots of calories, and have enough testosterone. Go heavy- you will get sculpted, lean muscles. Check our the arnold press in our workout 5 Moves For Fabulous Arms.

Here are the steps to performing Arnold Press:

1) Stand with feet hip distance apart holding dumbbells at shoulder height with arms tight to the body, and palms facing in.

2) Rotate wrists out and extend your arms overhead, and return to start with control.

Targets: biceps, shoulders

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