How To Do Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating an outer thigh press with resistance tube wearing a red top and blue workout pants

Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press is an exercise that strengthens the abductor or outer thigh, a muscle that is typically difficult to target. The resistance of the band is wrapped around your feet and the legs are challenged to press against the band to open it up. The thicker the band, the harder the move. If you learn how to do Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press you will definitely feel your legs the next day. Over time this exercise, along with healthy eating will help you see some changes in that tricky spot that gives so many of us trouble when slipping on a pair of jeans.

Resistance Bands are wonderful tools to have in your arsenal. Dumbbells and barbells are great training tools, but they are fixed in one location. One of the benefits of the band is the portability. You can take your workout wherever you go! Another benefit is the range of exercises that can be done. This Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press is the perfect example of that. You can’t easily tone your outer thighs with dumbbells. The band totally takes care of it. But don’t get stuck on one tool or another when it comes to strength training. The best trainers mix and match many items in one workout. Use dumbbells for one exercise and move to the band for another. And don’t be fooled by the lightness of the band. You are going to get a kick-butt workout using this little tool!

When performing the Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press, remember to keep your abdominals pulled in tight, lower back pressed into the floor and slightly bend your knees. Remember that bands come in a variety of tensions based on the color you buy. You may need thicker, tighter bands for leg exercises and thinner bands for shoulders or other upper body moves.

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Here are the steps to performing Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press:

1) Lay on your back with legs straight in the air above hips.

2) Place the center of the band around the bottom of your feet and hold handles together at your chest.

3) Press the feet wide open until legs are in a straddle position and band is tight. Release slowly.

Targets: legs

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