How To Do Upper Cuts

Chris Freytag demonstrating upper cut exercise wearing workout top and bottom.

The upper cut is a move is an exercise extracted from boxing and kickboxing, but anyone can do it and the benefits are vast. You don’t need boxing equipment for this exercise; you’re just punching air. Learning how to upper cuts, when done properly, will offer you an extremely powerful cardio exercise to get your heart pumping and your metabolism burning—not to mention, they’re just fun! In addition to firing up your metabolism, the upper cut is a total body strengthening exercise.

This may seem like an upper-body move since the arms and shoulders are the main muscles visibly moving in the upper cut, but it is really a full body exercise. The power in this move starts from the ground. You use your entire bodyweight push the power from the ground and up into the punch. To do this, you have to engage every muscle group, especially the legs, core, biceps and shoulders. The upper cut can be extremely effective, but you have to do it right to get the benefits. Once you learn to do it properly, you can always add some resistance like a resistance band or light weights.

What are the benefits of upper cuts, you ask? All boxing exercises, such as the upper cuts, improve cardiovascular fitness and overall endurance. They help build lean muscle. They’re faced paced, so they burn fat and calories fast as well. Better yet, there’s no equipment needed!

Here are the steps to performing Upper Cuts:

1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

2) Make two fists and hold arms next to side with elbows bent.

3) Punch the right fist in an upward motions, stopping firmly at chin level.

4) Switch to left fist.

5) Continue to switch right and left until you are at a fast, rhythmic pace, always stopping at chin level as if you are punching a target.

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