Recipe: Holiday Moscow Mule

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By: Chris Freytag, CPT

A Moscow mule is refreshing any time of year, but this easy recipe for a holiday Moscow mule uses fresh ginger, mint, and cranberry juice making a truly festive and delicious cocktail full of holiday cheer!

The reason we love this particular recipe is that it is lower in sugar than some other holiday alternatives, and the garnishes are super festive! There are so many holiday drinks SUPER high in calories, but this mule comes in at only 128 calories, so your healthy diet won’t be derailed by your cocktail!


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    Moscow Mule Ingredients 

    • Ginger Beer I used Q Ginger Beer in this tasty drink because it’s made with agave vs. high fructose corn syrup and real ginger! Don’t use ginger ale because it doesn’t have nearly enough zip or flavor to pair with the other ingredients and it will leave your drink very bland. 
    • Cranberry Juice is what gives this mule a festive twist. It’s a tart juice so it won’t make your drink overly sweet (which I’m personally not a fan of) but if you’re worried, just use the minimal amount. 
    • Lime – It’s not a mule without fresh lime. You can use lime from a bottle but I don’t recommend it. The freshness can’t be matched when you squeeze the lime yourself! 
    • Fresh Mint and a Peel of Fresh Ginger get muddled in the bottom of this drink. This adds a lot of flavor and festive garnishes. 
    • Vodka is used in this holiday Moscow mule. It pairs well with the other ingredients and lets the ginger, mint, and lime flavors be the star. I typically use Titos or Kirkland vodka but you can choose your favorite.  

    Why Are Moscow Mules Served in a Copper Cup?

    Copper is a thermal conductor, so copper mugs are the best at keeping your festive drink chilled for an extended period of time. Plus they are super cute! So be sure to use your copper mug to keep your drink cool and looking fun and festive!

    How to Make a Moscow Mule

      1. Muddle the fresh mint and ginger. *To muddle just press the herb and ginger together with the back of the spoon in the bottom of your copper mug.
      2. Fill your mug 3/4 with ice.
      3. Pour in a shot to a shot and half of vodka. 
      4. Top with a 1/2 can of ginger beer.
      5. Add a good splash of cranberry juice.
      6. Garnish with *sugar dusted cranberries, a sprig of fresh mint and a cinnamon stick.

    *To make the sugar-dusted cranberries rinse cranberries with water and roll in sugar. If I’m not in the mood to make these, I still toss a few fresh cranberries on top and it’s just as impressive.

    Can You Make a Moscow Mule Without Alcohol? 

    Moscow Mules are a great beverage to make non-alcoholic as well. I recommend substituting your alcohol for 1/2 sparkling water and 1/2 ginger beer. You’ll still get all the zip and refreshing flavors.


    Other Holiday Cocktail Recipes

    Total Time: 5 minutes


    • 1 shot of vodka
    • 1/2 can of Ginger beer (We used Q Ginger Beer)
    • 1 shot of cranberry juice
    • 4 fresh mint leaves and 1 slice of fresh ginger peeled and muddled
    • Copper Moscow mule cup
    • Ice
    • Optional Garnishes
    • Lime wedge
    • Orange peel curl
    • Cinnamon stick
    • Sugar dusted cranberries


    1. Muddle the fresh mint and ginger or chop very fine.
    2. Add ice to your copper mug.
    3. Pour in the vodka, ginger beer, and cranberry juice.
    4. Add in garnishes
    5. To make the sugar dusted cranberries rinse cranberries with water and just sprinkle with sugar.

    Nutrition Information Per Serving

    Serving Size: 1 cocktail

    Calories: 128

    Carbohydrates: 15 gram(s)

    Sugar: 18 gram(s)

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