Oblique Workout For Increased Range Of Motion

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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // July 19, 2023

As you age, you might think that a tight mid-section is just about vanity, but I’d like to explain that it’s about so much more.

Maintaining core strength is crucial for most daily movement, and it protects you from back pain and injury. If your core strength weakens as you age, your mobility and ability to do basic, daily movements will become more challenging and even painful.

This oblique workout is what you can consider “daily maintenance.” So whether you’re a high-performing athlete or an aging adult, this oblique workout is for you!

What Are Obliques?

Oblique muscles are crucial to complete the picture of a strong midsection. Simply put, they are your side abs and are responsible for your posture and range of motion.

Your obliques help you:

  • Bend from side to side
  • Rotate left and right
  • Stabilize and protect your spine

Your obliques work in harmony with all of your abdominal muscles to truly give you a tight tummy and a strong, stable back.

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Oblique Workout For Increased Range Of Motion

Here are nine of our best oblique exercise that will get you to bend, rotate, and stabilize.

For each exercise, try between 10-12 repetitions, or 6-8 per side if you have both sides to work. 

Oblique Workout To Help You Bend

  1. Oblique Burner
  2. Side Plank Crunch
  3. Oblique Crunch

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Oblique Exercises to Help You Rotate

  1. Side Plank Scoop
  2. Russian Twist
  3. Cross Body Planks
Use these oblique exercises to tone your abs today.

Oblique Stabilizer Exercise:

  1. Star Plank
  2. Hip Dips
  3. Spiderman Abs
Use these exercises to strengthen your oblique muscles.
Check out our 9 oblique exercises to tone those abs!

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