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By: Kim Pieper, CPT // October 28, 2015

When it comes to working out, do you ever feel like you’re putting in the work but not seeing the changes you’d like? The truth is, our body adapts easily to exercises we do over and over again. According to the Mayo Clinic, when your perform the same exercises everyday without varying your routine, your muscles get used to the routine and become too efficient at completing their task, meaning you’re more likely to hit a weight loss plateau and stop seeing results. Luckily, a little change is all you need to get your muscles working for you again. We’ve come up with a Weekly Fitness Challenge to do just that: keep your body guessing, making it work harder to adapt to what’s new. And when your body works harder, you’ll start seeing results!

Here at Get Healthy U, we get requests all the time for week-long workout plans, so we thought now was the time to deliver an intense, total-body, week-long challenge. This challenge will help you switch up your routine by giving you something new to accomplish every day of the week, starting with Monday of course. Enjoy a full week of workouts that tackle different areas of your body each day. Keep those muscles guessing and those calories burning and you’ll start to actually see the results you want! Click on the picture or the linked title of the workout to get the moves.


5 Minutes to Leaner Legs

Hello, legs! This no-equipment workout gives you five, full-throttle moves to strengthen and tone your legs. Go through it once and be done in just five minutes, or repeat again for a 10-minute blast. Of course, a third gets you an A+ (and 15 minutes of leg love!)


5 Moves for Sexy, Sculpted Shoulders

Your shoulders deserve a little attention. Grab a pair of medium to light dumbbells and get ready for some sexy, sculpted shoulders! These five moves will strengthen and shape the shoulders, making you ready to carry the world on them! Or wear a tank—whichever’s easier.


5 Gravity Fighting Moves for Your Chest

It’s chest day! Time to firm up your front and defy gravity where it counts. These five moves will give you a stronger, firmer, more lifted chest. Grab a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells and be ready to stand with more strength and confidence.

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The No Squat, No Lunge Booty Workout

Squats and lunges are awesome, but the theme of this weekly workout is change, right? This workout for your backside doesn’t involve any traditional squats or lunges. So grab a long tube and be prepared for four exercises your buns will never forget!


The Ultimate 8 Minute Plank Challenge

What better day to work on your six-pack than Friday! This ultimate eight-minute plank challenge uses a variety of planks to flatten your tummy and strengthen your back. Follow these six great moves and you’ll be back for more next week—just be sure to modify as suggested where you need to. No equipment needed for this one!


5 Bodyweight Moves for Buff Arms

We’re no fortune tellers, but if you’re about to tackle today’s workout then we can say with confidence that strong, beautiful arms are in your future. Your biceps and triceps both will feel the love with these five bodyweight exercises—no equipment needed. Try them and you’ll be sure to get compliments the next time you bare arms.


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