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By: // September 9, 2015

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

Trader Joe’s is America’s favorite grocery store “where the wine is cheap, and the people are friendly.” There seems to be a sort of cult following made up of people (of whom I definitely associate with) who adore the store and its marvelous products. The inexpensive prices are near impossible to beat and the healthy food choices are abundant.

Upon walking into the store, I feel an immediate sense of bliss and comfortability—the genuine workers, the fun atmosphere, the cleanliness, the cute children, and the fabulous prices. If you live near a TJ’s, you have truly scored the jackpot.

Since being designated the family grocery shopper at my house, my weekly trips to TJ’s have made me what I like to call a “Trader Joe’s Connoisseur.” I have experimented and discovered what I find to be most worth buying and thus wanted to share my secrets with you all. The below products are healthy, delicious and will make you a TJ’s believer in no time (if you’re not already!).

Baker Josef’s Organic Coconut Flour

Top 25 Finds at Trader Joe's

If gluten sensitivity is an issue for you, head to TJ’s for your baking necessities. Baker Josef’s Organic Coconut Flour is cheap! Made from organic coconuts, this pure coconut flour is gluten free with no additives.

Frozen Mango

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Trader Joe’s is renowned for it’s frozen food products. I have even come to realize that buying these products, such as the frozen mango, forces me to wake up five minutes earlier than usual to make a healthy breakfast smoothie.

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We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

Go no further than TJ’s to find endless varieties of trail mixes and nuts. These mixes give you the protein that you need at a price you can afford; they’re pretty much impossible to pass up. My favorites are the Wasabi Trek Mix and the Simply Almonds Cashews & Chocolate Trail Mix.

Spicy, Smoky, Peach Salsa

Trader Joe's Top Products!

Our very own Chris Freytag went as far as sending this salsa to her daughter across the country when she had no access to TJ’s. The salsa is addictive to say the least and it’s a great addition to your summer barbeque. Reasonably priced and only 15 calories per serving, this salsa packs a healthy punch with a great zing.

New Zealand Sweet Apple Rings

Get These Items at Trader Joe's!

TJ’s nut section is also home to an amazing array of dried fruits. Our favorite at Get Healthy U is the New Zealand Sweet Apple Rings. They are high in dietary fiber, have no saturated fats or sodium and are great for kids lunches, snacks or road trips.

Coconut Oil

Products you need to buy at Trader Joe's!

Some people are fearful of buying coconut oil because of adding unwanted tastes in their food preparation. But when it comes to TJ’s coconut oil, the flavor is very mild, plus you cannot beat the price. It comes in an easy-to-use canister and it’s incredibly versatile; I use it for everything from scrambled eggs to cookies.

Chunky Guacamole Reduced Guilt

Trader Joe's Products you need to buy

The keywords here are reduced guilt. Guacamole is one of my guilty pleasures, but at Trader Joes I don’t have to feel bad about myself after indulging because it has 50% less fat and 40% fewer calories than most other guacamoles on the market. Besides avocados, TJ’s guac is filled with tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, garlic, fresh lime, jalapeño and the secret ingredient: Greek yogurt.

Creamy Almond Butter

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

TJ’s almond butter has to be the best price around. Put it on bananas for extra protein after a power workout! So yummy and creamy.


Here are our favorite picks from Trader Joes! We are obsessed!

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Sprouted 7-Grain Bread

Trader Joe's Products You Need!

For my fellow toast aficionados, this Sprouted 7-Grain Bread is a must-buy. High in fiber and protein, this bread is made of nutritious grains such as barley, brown rice, corn, millet, oats, rye and whole wheat. Hint: add a generous spoonful of the aforementioned almond butter and you’ll be in heaven.

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Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

This gluten free option packs in the flavor (and doesn’t taste like cardboard compared to some other wheat free pastas). Toss in some roasted zucchini and asparagus for an appetizing summer pasta dish!

Organic Riced Cauliflower

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

This frozen paleo dish can be prepared in minutes and is a nummy side dish for your next dinner. Oh, and did I mention it’s prep and mess free?

Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

Buy these great products at Trader Joe's!

Made with Greek yogurt, this delicious dip has fewer calories and less fat than other cream cheese based dips. Pair with celery or carrot sticks for the perfect munch-able snack.

Whole Green Figs

What To Buy at Trader Joe's?

My only experience with figs was lunchtime in elementary school eating Fig Newton’s. So when I tried these frozen figs, I became obsessed (again). Stick them in your smoothie or swap them in for dessert.

Egg Whites

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

Egg whites are protein packed and one of the greatest post-workout foods for your body, These cage-free and minimally processed eggs are quick and easy for your mornings or filling snack.

Blueberry Muesli

What to buy at Trader Joe's

For the cereal obsessed, TJ’s Trader Joes has you covered. Blueberry Muesli is fat free and contains a healthful blend of whole grain flakes like barley, rye and organic corn. Pour some unsweeted vanilla almond milk over it and your morning just got way better.

Hemp Seed

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

These raw hemp seeds contain essential fats that lower cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Incorporate them into your daily smoothie or protein shake for numerous health benefits for your body.

Refrigerated Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

What To Buy at Trader Joe's!

Making pizza night that much healthier, this whole wheat pizza dough has been one of my family’s summer favorites. The best part is being creative with the toppings and not feeling guilty afterward!

Organic Pomegranate Seeds

We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

These seeds are loaded with antioxidants and key to your daily intake of dietary fibers. TJ’s takes the headache out of de-seeding your own pomegranate and makes it easy to sprinkle on salads or snack on.


We love Trader Joe's: here are our fave products. #traderjoes

TJ’s takes classic hummus to a new level several different flavor varieties alongside the typical tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice. This colorful spread is perfect for dunking.

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Fancy Medjool Dates

What To Buy At Trader Joe's!

Looking for a date? Look no further. Dates can be put into smoothies or baked goods, or used as part of a nut and cheese platter. They are as sweet as candy and may just become your new addiction.

Maple Water

What to buy at Trader Joe's!

One new drink to make an appearance in the health world is maple water and TJ’s comes to the rescue again at another unbeatable price (noticing a pattern yet?). Hydrate in a brand new way adding just a touch of sweetness into your life.

Low Fat Kefir

These are our top 25 finds at Trader Joe's!

TJ’s Kefir should be a staple in your fridge due to all of its probiotic benefits. It is creamy, naturally flavored and contains twelve probiotic cultures working to keep your stomach happy.

Organic TriColor Quinoa

What To Buy at Trader Joe's!

This quinoa was my go-to in college. I would make a batch of quinoa salad at the beginning of the week and use it all week long! It is sold at an affordable price and may just become your new favorite ingredient.

As you can see, Trader Joe’s products and prices are hard to beat; it’s no wonder they have such a following. Did we miss any of your favorites? We want to hear from you!

And if you love Trader Joe’s, you’ll love our Trader Joe’s week-long meal plan and grocery list!

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Sandee Woodward on January 9, 2017 at 9:17 AMReply

Great timely information thanks

Jen on September 5, 2016 at 9:31 AMReply

Love all your tips, Chris! These are great ideas for my next trip to TJs! Thank you for these - and for being so pleasant, motivating and empowering! :-)

Carrie on August 18, 2016 at 3:13 PMReply

Thanks Chris. Eating healthy doesn't have to be taste free. So many times, if it tastes good, it's not good for you. I am eager to try these at the Trader Joes by us. Thanks for the fitness tips as well.

Jan on June 15, 2016 at 10:54 PMReply

My absolute favorite are the plantain chips. Addicting! Also, the triple ginger cookies. Finally, it's the only place I can find Belgian butter waffle cookies, which are exactly the same as what I ate in Belgium!

Lois on January 31, 2016 at 1:25 PMReply

I buy many of these, one item is their honey roasted peanuts. I use them to make peanut butter; best ever. No additives, preservatives; and does not separate into oily layers like the commercial "natural" ones do. Stays creamy even in the frig...

Linda S. on January 23, 2016 at 7:16 PMReply

My first Trader Joes was back in the 60s 70s there was only 15 stores in LA area, I now live in foothills in middle of the state I drive an hour twice a month to go to Modesto Traders its in my blood Old School I guess love the prices food and employees ??

Jennifer F. on September 23, 2015 at 9:43 AMReply

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this, Chris. You are amazing!

    Chris Freytag on September 23, 2015 at 12:00 PMReply

    Of course, Jennifer! Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Monica R. on September 15, 2015 at 10:12 AMReply

Where is Trader Joe's located?

    Chris Freytag on September 17, 2015 at 9:27 AMReply

    Check out their website to find a store near you!

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