The 28-Day Shake Up Your Wake Up Challenge

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // May 19, 2019

Fitting in time for a workout is hard, no matter who you are. That’s why I’m challenging you to dedicate 10 minutes every morning to your health. That’s right, just 10 minutes a day! And to prove to you that 10 minutes can make a difference, I’ve compiled some of my favorite 10-minute workouts with our Get Healthy U TV trainers along with my best morning tips and healthy habits for this 28-Day Shake Up Your Wake Up Challenge! Join today and start making the most of your mornings! Why am I so passionate about mornings? Because people who prioritize their health in the morning tend to stick with it! Once you start your day in a healthy way, you’re more likely to continue to make healthy choices as the day continues.


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    How It Works

    It’s easy! Join the challenge by clicking on the above image and enter your email address. Download the calendar and follow along each day to start changing your morning routine for the better with our workouts and wellness tips! Just carve out 10 minutes each morning for the next 28 days. That might mean setting your alarm 10 minutes early or maybe you just need to resist the urge to hit snooze.

    Keys To Success

    I want to show you that you really can stick to a healthy morning routine and it’s easier than you think. So to start things off in the right direction, here are five tips to help you succeed in the Shake Up Your Wake Up Challenge!
    1. Prepare The Night Before

    Whether or not you should work out is not a decision to make in the morning. Your pillow and blanket will win every time. You must make up your mind the night before and make it a priority. Set the alarm (or two). Schedule it in your calendar. Lay your workout clothes out where they are easy to pop on. Set your toothbrush and toothpaste on the counter. Take 10 minutes before you go to bed to prepare as much as possible for the morning and you’ll find it much harder to make excuses for yourself come morning.
    1. Focus On The Outcome

    When you can barely pull your body out of bed, visualize how you will feel when you hit the shower after your workout all hot and sweaty, energized and ready for the day! That feeling of accomplishment, pride and strength will be so much more rewarding than a couple of extra minutes in bed.
    1. Buddy Up

    Sometimes it takes accountability from a friend, co-worker or family member to make sure you’re sticking to your goals. Grab someone to join you in this challenge and encourage each other along the way. Do your workouts together or if that’s not possible; check in first thing in the morning with an encouraging note to motivate one another to get it done! Knowing you’re in this together will make you less inclined to duck out.
    1. Go On Auto-Pilot

    I know it sounds like odd advice, but the beauty of this challenge is that we’ve already chosen your workout or task for each day. No need to think about what you should do in the morning, simply read the calendar and do it! Does it say to drink a glass of lemon water? Okay, march to the fridge and gulp it down. Is a 10-minute workout on the calendar today? Great, grab your sneakers and get it in. We hope this challenge rids you of the “what should I do today?” question. There’s no need to stress; just follow the calendar!
    1. Create a Reward System

    A healthy reward can encourage you to keep up with your goals. At the end of the week, if you’ve completed your morning workouts, choose a Friday reward. Maybe you like to get a latte from your favorite coffee shop or treat yourself to a manicure. Big or small, acknowledge the work you did this week; be proud and pat yourself on the back.

    Healthy Breakfast Recipes

    Want some additional ideas for your new healthy morning routine? Check out the below healthy recipes.

    10-Minute Breakfast Recipes:

    Prep Ahead Breakfast Recipes:

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