7 Workouts To Do While Watching Your Favorite Fall TV Shows

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By: // August 30, 2019

Fall is officially here and with it comes crisp air, cozy sweaters, and yes—the return of fall TV. But just because your favorite shows are returning to the screen doesn’t give you an excuse to be sedentary all season.

Stay active this fall with these seven kick-butt fall TV workouts you can do while watching your favorite shows.

Whether you’re a This Is Us fan or a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy-devotee, follow along with the corresponding workout to burn some calories while you binge watch.

Bonus points for recruiting a pal to do the workout with you!

How To Do These TV Workouts

Each of these workouts is modeled after a TV show. They contain four different rules for four different exercises you perform when certain actions takes place.

There are also instructions for what to do during commercial breaks. There’s no need to stop moving while you’re waiting for the next scene that will merit a new exercise—feel free to walk or jog in place in between these exercises if you like.

Yes, for your overall health you should be getting a minimum of 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week and adding in at least 2-3 strength sessions, but staying fit is also about daily movement.

How can you move more throughout the day to keep your metabolism revved, your mood boosted, and your muscles active?

That’s what these simple workouts aim to do: incorporate more movement into an activity that’s typically sedentary. Now grab that remote and get moving!

This Is Us

We can’t contain our excitement for Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate, Kevin to come back into our lives again this season. And while we could gladly spend each episode glued to the couch watching the drama unfold, it might be better to get moving with this full-throttle workout that will have you running the gamut of emotions and exercises at the same time.

The Voice

Ok, so The Voice can go on for a while. You could sit and eat chips for two hours as chairs turn around, or you could get moving with this fun workout that will have you doing squat jumps whenever Adam and Blake bicker (sorry in advance, legs) and burpees whenever there are waterworks.

Graphic with black letters that say "The Voice" in the top left corner. Underneath a picture of The Voice judges, and words to the right that explain a workout

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Grey’s Anatomy

Currently in its 16th season, this show always brings the drama. While medical emergencies and romances unfold, you’ll work your abs with Russian Twists and tone your tri’s with tricep dips. Win-win.

Graphic with black letters that say "The Voice" in the top left corner. Underneath a picture of the Grey's Anatomy cast, and words to the right that explain a workout.

How To Get Away with Murder

For a show so wild that anything’s possible, get ready to start sweating with this HTGAWM-themed workout. (How’s that for an acronym?)

Shark Tank

The inventors and innovators with million-dollar deals on the line are definitely sweating on this show, and so will you—but in a much less stressful way. Get ready to do mountain climbers, jumping jacks and more as the next big idea gets approved by the sharks.

Real Housewives

Your favorite guilty pleasure just became a great way to multi-task because this full-throttle workout will leave no muscle un-worked. (Especially when you have to do 10 squats every time someone takes a drink.) You’ll be feeling it the next day!

Graphic with black letters that says "Real Housewives" in the top left corner. Underneath a picture of the Real Housewives of New York City cast, and words to the right that explain a workout.

Football Games

Most of us watch at least some football each fall, and for a lot of us, it’s a weekly event. So, whether you’re an NFL junkie, a die-hard college fan, or really just in it for the game day fare, don’t let these 3+ hours go to waste. Get in on the action with this football-themed sweat session.

Graphic with black letters that says "Football" in the top left corner. Underneath a picture of the NFL logo, and words to the right that explain a workout.

Want to save all 7 of these fall TV workouts for later? Here you go!

Graphic with a white lettered title that says "7 workouts to do during your favorite fall tv shows". Seven TV show pictures with workouts to do.

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