How To Do Chest Flys

Chris Freytag demonstrating Chest Flies strength exercise

Chest Fly is a great upper body move that uses dumbbells to strengthen the muscles of the chest and arms in a different and complementary way to push-ups.  Push-ups are amazing in so many ways, including the benefits you get for your chest and arms. You can learn how to do the Chest Fly right before or after your push-ups to cover even more of the muscles of the chest and arms and get a complete workout!

One thing we know about strength training is that it is important to keep mixing up your challenges and trying new things. Push-ups will always be good, but you are certain to feel different results from the Chest Fly as soon as you try it. Chest Fly can be done lying on the floor or on a weight bench for just a little more range of motion. The floor allows you to open your arms only so far, whereas the bench will let you go down just another inch or two for a greater challenge.

Like most strength training moves you will want to focus on form before adding too much weight. Keep a slight bend in your elbow and lower your arms slowly as well as lift them back up slowly. This slow, controlled motion will give you better results and help to prevent injury. You can also experience great core and stability strength during the Chest Fly. The key is to keep your rib cage pulled down and your back against the floor or bench. If your low back lifts, you aren’t using enough core strength.

Try Chest Fly on its own or put it in the middle of another strength routine you have. Also, check out our workout The Best 20-Minute Upper Body Challenge.

How To Do Chest Flys

Here are the steps to performing Chest Flys:

1) Lie on back with knees bent and feet on floor and hold dumbbells straight up over chest.

2) With a slight bend in the elbow, slowly open arms wide out to the side. Squeeze your chest as you bring    the weights back together at the top. Repeat for desired number of reps.

Targets: chest, biceps, and shoulders

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