5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

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By: // May 6, 2012

As the saying goes, if momma isn’t happy, nobody is happy. Moms are often the glue of the family and if we aren’t shiny happy people (smile), no one else probably is either! As moms, we often put ourselves last for the sake of everyone else, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time of year to remember why it’s important to put ourselves first. (It’s not selfish; it’s healthy!) In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s shift the focus to moms and how you can be happier, live more fulfilled and find your bliss. Here are five ways to treat yourself this Mother’s Day.

1. Indulge In Little Things That Make You Happy

I am a big fan of anything that will change your mental state, and sometimes that requires a little indulging. Women who receive flowers often experience a mood boost for up to three days after they receive them.While you can give your own mom flowers this Mother’s Day, you can also buy yourself some freshly cut blooms throughout the year. Flowers will boost your own mood, brighten up a room and give you a thing of beauty to appreciate all week long. I actually buy one less food item at the grocery store (that we probably don’t need) and buy flowers instead to brighten up our kitchen island. Another gift for the whole you—is a book my husband bought for my daughter and me. It’s called A Year of Living Your Yoga, Daily Practices to Transform Your Life. It’s filled with inspiration and wisdom with a little blurb to read each day. I often share the daily affirmation with my yoga classes too. When you take time to indulge in simple pleasures, you can brighten your whole day.

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2. Reconnect With Your Passions

Do you ever feel like you are playing a game of seeing how masterful you can be over your to-do list? The only problem is, each new day it’s a new game. While it feels great to have a super productive day, how many days go by where you never find time to do something that brings you enjoyment? Maybe your favorite activity is reading a great novel, gardening, dancing, getting a massage, having alone time, calling a friend, taking a trip or shopping. Ask yourself: If not now, when? If you don’t get your favorite thing on the calendar, it won’t happen. So stop making false promises to yourself to enjoy something once your to-do list is clear (it won’t happen!) and do your favorite thing today. When you do things you love, you are recharging yourself mentally, and while that can benefit everyone else in your family, it also benefits YOU.

3. Plan Something To Look Forward To

Eager anticipation is closely connected to happiness. When you have something you are looking forward to, it makes you happier. Plan something today that you can look forward to. And as that day gets closer, plan something else. Always have something on your calendar that excites you or makes you want to count the days—whether it’s little or big. Being excited about something can help you out of the monotony of the daily grind and remind you that planning and prioritizing pleasurable experiences brings an immediate sense of contentment.

4. Bond With Your Own Mom

My mother was always supportive of my love for exercise and she was an advocate of home cooked meals.  She filled our fridge up with fresh fruits and veggies, made homemade peanut butter and granola and taught me at a young age that it’s healthier to make your own food. My mom always told us that “leftovers” often tasted better than the first go-around and we ate leftovers on Sunday nights. I have taken that life lesson and put my own twist on it. I call it “cook once, eat all week.” I prepare on Sundays by cooking up chicken breasts, a big batch of quinoa or brown rice and hard boiled eggs. The lessons our moms teach us are countless, so better way to thank her than spend a little quality time with her? Tell her how much you appreciate all she’s passed on to you, and reconnect with her over a shared passion or interest that perhaps she’s inspired.

5. Live In Gratitude

There’s no quicker way to lift your spirit and be happy than to live in gratitude. What do you have to be thankful for? Some moms are so busy they don’t take the time to think about what they are grateful for and that can impact your happiness. Don’t leave the tiny things out. Maybe it’s the smell of coffee in the morning, the funny things your kids say, doing something with your entire family or wearing your favorite outfit. When life moves fast, living with appreciation allows you to really connect to the positivity in your life and bask in it. When you practice gratitude, soon you will notice all of the abundance in your life.

Let this Mother’s Day be the start of you putting yourself first. After all, you know it will make everyone else happy too!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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