7 Ways To Make Your Workout Fly By

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By: // April 19, 2017

We all have go through phases where our workouts drag on; times when we pray that thirty minutes have gone by on the elliptical but it’s only been five. Sound familiar? If the thought of logging your next workout is filling you with dread, we’re here to change that. The best way to make sure you keep up with your workouts is to make them enjoybale. They say time flies when you’re having fun—so the next time you find yourself repeatedly checking the clock, try one of these seven workout hacks instead. They’ll make your workout fly by—promise.

1. Audiobooks

I got so hooked on a podcast last month (Serial, super late to the party) that I actually looked forward to my daily commute because it gave me time to listen to it. When you have a good story—especially a mystery or something suspenseful—you look forward to the next chapter no matter what you’re doing while listening to it. Not sure how to listen to something juicy? Sign up for Audible! They have the largest collection of audiobooks you can download and listen to on your devices. You can listen to virtually any story you want while you workout—they have audiobooks spanning nearly every genre. Intrigued? If you sign up today, you can try it for free for 30 days and get two free audiobooks. Click below to check it out.

 2. Working Out First Thing In The Morning

Have you seen that meme that says “exercise in the morning before your brain knows what you’re doing?” Uh, there’s a ton of truth to that. Whenever I set my alarm to run early in the morning, I’m honestly half awake by the time I start moving, which makes the whole process go by faster. Now, I don’t suggest driving in a sleep-deprived state to the gym, but do consider morning workouts if you’re someone who’s prone to putting off exercise all day. Instead of anticipating the thought of your workout for hours, getting it done first thing in the morning is a way to check it off your list without dreading it all day.

3. Partnering Up

Maybe your workouts seem stale because you’ve been doing them solo for too long. Grab a workout buddy (or enlist your significant other) and get moving as a pair! You can challenge them to a little friendly competition at anything from running to a group fitness class or a round of tennis. You can catch up with each other while burning calories, and not only will you have more fun, but having a workout buddy can keep you more accountable, too!

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4. Trying Something New

Don’t torture yourself with the same form of exercise day in and day out. Not only will it make your workout seem longer than it is, but your body gets used to the same old movements, so in order to keep seeing results you need to keep mixing it up. Incorporate different equipment; working with a stability ball or resistance bands, for example, will engage different muscles, but also keep you more mentally engaged! If you’re a runner, give yoga a try. If you’re into Zumba, why not try kickboxing or cycling? Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge!

5. Getting Outside

Weather permitting, there are so many benefits to taking your workout outdoors. You’re not stuck inside staring at the clock (or at the gym, watching one of three syndicated sit-coms you’ve seen 100 times before). You’re out in nature, absorbing some Vitamin D! And combined with the endorphins you get from exercise, the good feelings you’ll get from immersing yourself in nature will make that workout fly by.

6. Getting Fit With Fido

I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read of people who’ve lost weight because they’ve adopted a pet. Pets need plenty of exercise, and guess who gets to come along for the ride? I walk my dog every day, and when I do, I find it so much more enjoyable than if I were just to walk by myself. I’m constantly amused by his playfulness, and I’ll often let him lead me down unexpected paths (bad dog owner trait, I suppose). The point is: when you’re with your furry friend, you don’t even notice how many miles you’ve logged. Jog a little and let him chase that squirrel. You won’t even notice the time (and calories) that you’re losing with your best bud.

7. Making A New Playlist

If you go music-less during your workouts (OR if you’ve been listening to the same five songs on repeat) it’s time to refresh your playlist. Create a new playlist with songs that are upbeat and motivational, not ones you’ve heard a million times. Definitely don’t add any that are overly emotional or dramatic; pick songs that make you feel fierce, independent, and like those last few miles are nothing you can’t handle. If you need any ideas, try these 15 awesome workout songs. Now go out and crush that workout! It’ll be over before you know it.

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on May 8, 2017 at 9:47 PM Reply

Working out in the morning and working out with someone definitely makes a workout fly by. Great post!

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