What Does Being Fit Mean To You?

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By: // May 28, 2013

What does fit really mean? Have you ever thought about it? Whether you are a size 4 or a size 14, the term “fit” is motivating for so many people, because of the feelings it evokes. Some of you may pursue being fit for how it will make you look—in jeans, in front of a mirror, for a spouse, or on the beach. Others may pursue being fit to stay healthy and add years to their life. These are both good reasons, but another wonderful thing about being fit is how it feels.

Fit Is:

Fit, in technical terms, is a word that encompasses several ways to measure your health. If you are truly fit, you combine cardiovascular exercises with muscle strengthening workouts. You have a good ratio of lean mass, (muscle, bone, tendons and ligaments) to body fat. You have endurance and flexibility.

Fit means you are capable. When you have your workout regimen locked and loaded—you are truly committed and consistent—it makes you feel like you can do anything. You are taking care of the one and only body you have and now you are ready to conquer other things. Fit makes you feel capable and you are more willing to venture out and be braver in other areas of your life as well.

Fit means you are strong. Not only can you see your sculpted body, but you don’t need anyone’s help opening a jar or hoisting a large box to the top shelf. But you know you are strong and you can accomplish things—whether that’s yard work, a tough workout or a 5k race, you know you’ve got this … you know you are strong. Strength in muscles equates to more effective workouts and a revved up metabolism. Physical strength can quickly translate to mental strength and not only do you feel powerful with your body, but you feel resilient in spirit too.

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Fit means you are happy. When you have your health, it’s easier to feel happy. You can have gratitude for your health, the work you put into getting fit, and the feeling of being fit. Fit fuels happiness. You like how clothes fit. You enjoy living a fit lifestyle swapping healthy recipes with friends and chatting about your fitness tips with friends and family. You like how you feel and that radiates to other people. Fit can boost your confidence, your faith in yourself, and fit can lay the groundwork for you to be a happier person.

Fit is motivating. Ever notice when you are dedicated to your fitness routine that you notice other fit people? It’s motivating. This isn’t a comparison thing, just you noticing other people who have fitness down and you are giving yourself a nudge to keep on your own path to fit. And when you feel fit and experience all of its energy-boosting rewards, it will give you momentum to keep going.

Fit is a lifestyle you can achieve. Commit to getting and living fit. It’s an amazing feeling. The numbers on the bathroom scale can’t give you that feeling—but you can! Fit is a feeling … and it feels fabulous! I love to look fit, but to feel fit is even better.

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At 56 years old, and a beginner to exercise, how do I accomplish this?

    on May 27, 2016 at 11:05 AM Reply

    Hi Tracey, way to take initiative and get started with exercising! That's a big first step. Check out these articles to help you on your way: http://gethealthyu.com/beginners-guides-to-all-kinds-of-exercise/ ; http://gethealthyu.com/6-steps-to-losing-weight-after-40/.

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