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By: // September 30, 2014

Do you often think about how you want to improve your health and read a lot about how to do it? I’ve spent my career as a health coach, fitness trainer and speaker, but in college, I majored in journalism. Still to this day, I love to learn new things. I’m always reading, researching and learning new things. And it’s so easy to do. Just grab your iPhone and you can read on the go—when you are waiting in line or stuck at an airport. I just love acquiring new knowledge! Yet learning on its own is not enough. You have to take what you learn and apply it—turning it into action. This is the one critical step that is so obvious, but often overlooked.

If you struggle with losing weight, eating healthy foods, or getting fit, you probably spend a good deal of time acquiring knowledge on how you can change. Maybe you read blogs, watch fitness videos, acquire healthy tip lists or spend money on fitness books and DVDs. While I applaud you for investing in your health and well-being, I have one question for you: What are you doing with that information?

You can acquire knowledge all day long, but the one thing that really matters is what you do with that information. Are you TAKING ACTION?

Don’t get stuck in the learning phase.

It’s wonderful if you like reading fitness magazines or my Get Healthy U blog, but make sure you aren’t just a collector of fitness information and DVDs. If you spend more time reading about how to get fit than you do moving your body, you might be procrastinating.  Maybe you are afraid your efforts won’t work, so you are reading and preparing for change instead of … CHANGING. That means you are stuck. Remember, the only way to possibly see the results you want is with action. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your good intentions count. Turn all of your knowledge into action steps. You know what to do,right? Now all you have to do is do it! (Hint: Are you using those fitness DVDs?)

Don’t wait for perfect.

Perfect is another stall tactic. You are waiting for when your schedule clears up and a magic window of time appears before you begin exercising. Or you are waiting for a day with an extra hour so you can read about how to use the juicer you bought and have never used. Or you are postponing eating healthy until you have more money in your wallet to buy all organic. Realize this type of perfection thinking is keeping you stuck. Small changes count. Approach each day with an action mindset. Ask yourself: What action can I take today for my health?

Educate yourself where you have a knowledge gap.

I know many people who don’t eat healthy because they simply haven’t learned how to eat healthy. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s perfectly okay. But as Maya Angelou said: “Once you know better, you do better.” If you’ve heard you should eat clean but you don’t know what that means exactly, just do your homework. (I have a Clean Eating Guide that can help!) Once you have the knowledge, take action! Talking to your friends about eating clean doesn’t count. Making and eating a clean eating recipe counts. Buying less processed and packaged foods counts. Get up to speed on information where you need it, but make that information count with action.

Think action daily.

If you are part of my Get Healthy U community, I hope you are learning new things from me weekly. My ultimate wish is that you take what you learn and put it into action. Action is where you can dramatically improve your health.

Your Take Action Checklist to Improve Your Health

  • My week will consists of cardio and strength training workouts.
  • I will try to stand more than I sit.
  • I will prioritize exercise by getting it on my schedule.
  • I will keep water in arms reach to drink all day long.
  • Each day I will try and find ways to move my body more.
  • I will keep trying to work in more veggies to my meals.
  • I will have healthy snacks on hand for when the munchies strike.
  • I will use the fitness DVDs I buy.
  • I will use the smoothie blender, juicer or healthy cookbook I bought,
  • I will buy produce that’s in season or frozen to save on costs. 


Don’t let all of your good knowledge go to waste. I bet you have read LOTS on what you need to do for your health, now you just have to put what you know into action. YES YOU CAN!

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