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Success Story: Ilonka Lost 27 Pounds!

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Age: 46 Height: 5'7
Starting Size: 12 Current Size: 6 or 4
Starting Weight: 162 Current Weight: 135
Weight Loss: 27

Success Story Ilonka from Palatine, IL wrote:

“I discovered your workouts on Exercise TV a few years ago. I started with your Cardio Walking Program and loved it. I have always been able to get by with a little exercise, eating semi healthy, casually drinking and I never have worried about much weight gain.

Well, the mid-forties have brought some changes! Somehow last winter, the weight started to pack on and I didn’t even realize it till I looked at myself in a photo and went “WOW.” I decided to change my life on June 24th, 2010, after a visit to the emergency room due to a panic attack. My doctor had already had warned me that my cholesterol has high. And, I realized I was starting to use alcohol as a stress reliever and had let my workouts go by the wayside. I had to get a handle on my life again.

So, On June 24th, I quit drinking, decided to work out more, and eat healthy. I went back to Exercise TV and found your 10 lb Slimdown workouts. I got hooked and best of all, I started seeing the results. Who knew that by changing my drinking, eating, and exercise habits, I could take control of my own health. I lost 25 pounds; my cholesterol dropped 50 points from 266 to 212; and my triglycerides dropped 100 points in 4 months. You are such a motivating leader. I am able to exercise right in my house and the workouts keep me coming back for more!

I enjoy my life so much more now. I haven’t had a drink in almost 7 months and don’t even miss it. I’m down 4 dress sizes and I try to stay active and exercise 5-6 days a week. My friends and family are all impressed. Thank you for your workouts and for being such a great role model for woman. I hope I can inspire others to great health too!”

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