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Success Story: Mimi Lost 65 Pounds!

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Age: 44 Height: 5'2
Starting Size: 18 or XL Current Size: 4 or Petite Small
Starting Weight: 205 Current Weight: 140
Weight Loss: 65

Success Story Mimi from Kimberton, PA wrote:

“I was a 40 year old woman who realized that I had lost control of myself physically and pretending to be happy. The truth was I was overweight, angry and deeply frustrated but didn’t know how to start. Finally I made the choice to change! Working on-air as a Guest Host for QVC allows me to meet some pretty amazing people in all walks of life, and one of the most influential and motivating persons I have ever met is Chris Freytag! We crossed paths at QVC in 2006 when my journey was just beginning to take shape. I remember looking at her and thinking “That is exactly what I want my life to be: Healthy, happy and motivating to others!” So, I mustered up the courage to ask her a few basic questions. She shared information with such openness, sincerity and encouragement! It was then, I realized, I can do this- I need to take ownership of a new lifestyle, and be happy, which as they say, is priceless.

The first two basic pieces of advice Chris gave me were to get control of the portions I ate and get myself moving- two very difficult things for anyone overweight to do! She told me from the beginning, it’s a three prong approach. It’s about cardio, it’s about weight training, (adding muscle will increase your metabolism and energy) and it’s about portion control. And, think of it as a simple math equation – calories consumed vs. number of calories burned. She was right.

It all gets lost in the oversized portions and then the lack of energy to get going. But I heard what she had to say and decided to work on the basics- smaller portions, start doing cardio, and strength training. It started to work! I began losing body fat! I couldn’t believe that I had been so blind to the fact I actually could lose weight. I never truly believed exercise would make that big of a difference. With each five pound goal I reached, I became more confident. It became time to take another step. I hired my first personal trainer and Chris gave me advice as to what to look for in a trainer. Over the past couple of years, Chris and I would meet at QVC and she would continue to motivate me to the next level!

She has this natural ability to intently listen to what you are doing (and not doing) to put another piece of your puzzle together. Each time I would see her, I would fill her in and she would give me another tidbit of information or wisdom to propel me forward. Hey, when you are in the presence of a national fitness instructor, you become quickly determined to make the most of her time! Chris gave so freely because she truly wants to change people from the inside-out! She would ask the right questions and deliver the right answers that I had to receive and process I could hear her in my head whenever I was stuck in a road block. “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out…” a quote from an old writer. We would email and I would say to myself, Just Submit! I wanted it that badly.

So here we are, three years later, 65lbs of body fat lost, a ripped physique and a new lifestyle! There is a place, a deep place inside you, that is forever changed and you will not look back! My bonus? Chris and I are friends, and her continued advice keeps me up to date and on track. She was the catalyst to my deep commitment to change. She walks the talk!

You can completely trust her to give you sound advice, encouragement and motivation so YOU can get to the next level!”

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