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By: // April 12, 2014

If you read my blogs regularly, you know I often write about the essentials: how to move more, eat better, perform better and be positive. If you’re tired of going up and down on the scale (and want to do those four things better), it’s time to focus on lifestyle changes and not “quick fixes.” You know, crazy detoxes, crash diets, and body wraps. So, I’ve gathered my seven most instrumental tips to help you experience lasting weight loss!

1) Try circuit training to burn calories and increase muscle.

If you’re doing steady state cardio alone to lose weight, you’re not going to see major results. Try incorporating circuit training into your weekly exercise regimen. Circuit style workouts super-charge your metabolism and help you shed pounds. By getting your heart rate up and working each muscle group, you can create a lean and sleek physique. If you’re a fan of my workouts, check out my new online workouts streaming service, Get Healthy U TV, which offers several circuit workouts.

2) Marry your jeans.

I know so many women who are married to their scales, when they should be married to their jeans. Remember your weight can vary depending on the time of the month, hormones, sodium intake and other factors. A more accurate gauge of how you are managing your weight is to put on and zip up those jeans in your closet. Your jeans could suddenly be baggy (score!); fit as they always have (terrific!); suddenly be snug (red flag!); or you can’t even get them on (alarm bell is ringing for behavior change!).

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3) What you do consistently adds up to your results.

Write out a half dozen steps you can take every day to take your life in a completely new and positive direction. How many cardio workouts will you do per week and how many strength training? How will you incorporate five servings of fruits and veggies into your daily diet? Who will be your accountability partner? Will you weigh yourself or try on your jeans to gauge how you are doing? Will you make a smoothie for lunch and skip the fast food? You success exists in your daily decisions.

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4) Cook from home and plan ahead.

Use Sundays as prep days to eat healthy all week. Get enough produce and staple needed for the week. Make double or triple of your meal, and freeze the extra for future use. Grill up extra chicken breasts and use them in salads and one-pot dishes for the rest of the week. Make a batch of brown rice and keep it in the fridge for easy lunches, burritos, and stir fry. Freeze a few fruit smoothies to grab on my way out the door in the early mornings. Cooking and prepping more at home can keep you on track.

5) Have healthy snacks on-hand for a solution for the munchies.

When I really need to munch, I make popcorn because you can eat a lot for not many calories. Even if you succumb to the whole thing, it’s only 500 calories and full of fiber. It’s my favorite snack! Here are 8 more of my favorite snacks that keep me full!

6) Get an accountability partner.

A friend who exercises with you, share tips, and swap encouragement is priceless. You are less likely to skip a workout knowing you’d be leaving someone hanging. Plus, who doesn’t love laughing with a friend mid-sweat session! Or you can be a part of my supportive Facebook community for daily motivation and encouragement!

7) Make fitness fun by signing up.

If you don’t love it, you won’t do it. Commit to a race or event by paying the entry fee and then train. You just may get hooked on the energy of the crowds and the sense of accomplishment you will feel crossing the finish line. Or try a new dance class. Just find something you consider fun!

Add these tips to your daily routine to watch your health improve and make weight loss last!

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